WIP New Project

I feel bad for my husband now, as I feel that I have neglected him a bit. The knitting, the gardening, and Euro Cup has take a lot of my attention. So, I have decided to make him something in return.


He has mentioned the socks I have made for him so many times. He actually showed it off to his friends and colleagues — I don’t know if I should feel proud or embarrassed. But anyway, I know he likes the socks I have made for him, so I am going to make him another socks.

My husband said that he likes a thick warm socks because he got cold feed a lot. So I tried to find one with DK weight yarn. It is surprisingly difficult to find socks made with DK weight yarn. Even sport yarn is not easy to find. I found one from here, and it was a godsend.


It is quite easy to follow, and have clear instruction. I am using two colours instead of one. Don’t laugh at the colour… my husband chose it himself.

x ❀ x


7 thoughts on “WIP New Project

  1. Your husband is proud of you, you should be happy hehe I just finished with my sweater and i will move to socks as well. I will use very fine yarn with 2.5 mm needles. Good luck for me πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s sweet that he liked the socks so much that he showed them off, ha ha!
    I’m in the middle of knitting my husband some socks as well. I chose worsted weight yarn, and I’m having to come up with the pattern myself because I couldn’t find any patterns for worsted weight. But knitting such a large shoe size from just fingering yarn would take forever so I’m glad I picked worsted weight anyway, ha ha!

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    • Haha.. he could be a bit mushy sometimes. Oh! I too have problems finding patterns with DK and worsted yarn. I too can’t see myself doing socks with fingering weight yarn for my husband. Good luck with your socks πŸ™‚

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