From Farm To Fork…

Well.. in my case it is actually from Garden to Gut, but that doesn’t sound pretty, does it? I harvested the young leaves of my Bok Choy, or Pak Choi — I am of Chinese descent but I still am not sure how to pronounce this Asian themed vegetable.

Some of the leaves were munched by something, and I am not sure what has munched my leaves. Some said that slightly munched vegetable leaves means it is free from pesticides. But… still I am not happy about my something eating my veggies without my permission. That’s thievery…


After washing them out, I am left with beautiful fresh looking baby Pak Choi leaves. Not a lot to start with, but I wish it will change in the future (next harvest). I decided to make something out of it.



Stir fry is one of the most common way to cook things in our culture. My grandmother basically stir fry everything. I think she believes that stir frying things is the best way to keep the nutrients in the food, because the meat — in this case I had chicken, will be cooked first, and the vegetables would be flash cooked (so quick, it didn’t even realise that it’s actually being cooked).

Sooo excited. Especially because of my courgette is start flowering too. Really can’t wait to harvest this one too. Eek!!


x ❀ x


6 thoughts on “From Farm To Fork…

  1. I like “from garden to gut!” Thank you for the interest in my post and I look forward to following your blog. I must say, however, that whoever was eating your Bok Choy probably came back to finish and now views you as the thief! ;D!

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  2. My friend who is from the Philippines always grows Bok Choy and an amazing amount since she is the best gardener ever…envy envy. Anyhow, I love it stir fried with some garlic so yummy! I really need to grow some myself…Did you start with seeds or seedling plants?

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    • Mine is from seed and it grows really quick, but I have read somewhere that you could grow it from kitchen waste like you grow celery or lettuce.I might try that later with different varieties of bok choy.


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