One Mystery is Solved

Remember the mysterious plant we were wondering about few weeks ago? Well, now since the aforementioned plant is already blooming, I can tell you what it actually is.

Although, before I tell you what it is, could you guess?



Well… a gardening enthusiast might have known it already, but for those who haven’t been able to guess what it is. This is Nigella flower.

I know. I have never seen anything so cute and colourful before either — they are blue, pink, purple, white… So wonderful. I have four pots like that, put two indoor, in the windowsill, and two outdoor in my vertical garden. The indoor plants just blooming like crazy while the ones outdoor are just… green. Don’t know why.

Anyway… There you go. One mystery solved.

x ❤ x


2 thoughts on “One Mystery is Solved

  1. We call them in a mist..they self seed themselves well in our garden sometime over wintering ready for early Spring.the seed pods dry well for dry flower arrangements as well.yours look lovely

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    • Yes… I have googled and lots of people call it love in a mist. it does look wonderful, and looking at them makes me feel really happy 🙂 I am thinking of harvesting some of the seeds so that I could grow them in other pots, seems like the process is not too complicated for a noob like me 🙂

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