Norwich Pride 2016

Norwich Pride is one of my favourite things to expect in the summer. It was always colourful, full of music, and packed with excitement. I love Norwich even more when I join these people marching.

rain... rain... go away...

rain… rain… go away…

This year is a little bit different. Instead of starting the parade from Chapelfield garden to the Forum, we started from the Forum to Chapelfield garden. And we have a slightly longer route. I am not sure whether I like the new route better or not, but I think it is a good idea to finish the parade in the garden.

We had a bit of drizzle too. Last year it was scorching hot, and this year it was nicer because it was cooler. I was a bit worried that it will rain and melt my make up, but it didn’t — and my make up was intact when I arrived home.

My husband started to enjoy this thing. Last year he wasn’t planning on marching, but accidentally trapped in the middle of moving people. This year, he was prepared for this. We didn’t get free whistles like what we had last year though, and I even had to buy wristbands and flags — not that I mind contributing some money for the cause, but I am just mentioning the difference between this year and last year.


But like last year… I LOVE THE POLICE OFFICERS!!

Not only because they look incredibly awesome in the uniform (yes I have a thing for people in uniform) — decorated with pride themed accessories, but they were also totally wonderful. They even turned the siren on while welcoming us on the finish line — and cheered and clapped for us too. I think Norfolk constabulary is one of the best!

Are you going to join me next year?

x ❤ x



WIP: Baby Blue!

One thing that is still keeping me excited is that the fact that I am going to be an aunt soon. My sister’s pregnancy is already seven month old — I know that lots of people count the weeks, but somehow I can’t remember how many weeks she’s now. Anyway..


baby jacket pattern is so small. When I casted on, i thought… “that’s all?”

It makes me want to knit more stuff for my soon to be born niece.

I found a really pretty newborn jacket pattern free from Rowan website. The pattern is called “Elly“. However, since I realised I would be back in Indonesia about a month or two after the baby is born, I think making a newborn jacket wouldn’t be wise. So, I made the bigger size so the baby would still be able to wear it.

My… babies are small, aren’t they? It’s so quick to make…


And suddenly it’s binding off time…

Can’t wait to finish the project…

x ❤ x



I was trying to compose something about my holiday in Indonesia, and I did try hard. But somehow nothing came out right.

It was definitely an exciting holiday. I remember us being so enthusiastic — preparing, packing up, getting my husband proper vaccination and malaria pills. Even with my husband personal feelings towards flying, the flight wasn’t too bad — I admit having Deadpool on the in flight entertainment did help a lot in distracting my husband from thinking about flying.

of course having red wine on our aeroplane meal helped too...

of course having red wine on our aeroplane meal helped too…

I remember the train journey and how we ended up exceedingly tired because of the delay — the engine breakdown. I remember the party, and my sisters and my brother. And my parents who were so happy about having the complete set of family members in one room — something that is rarely happen recently due to us being away from home.

But when I tried to compose them to a story. It just don’t come out right.

Once I set my feet at Norwich, the excitement is gone. The holiday feelings. The sense of adventure. They’re just gone and replaced by worries. Lots of them.

view from the train, just when the dawn broke...

view from the train, just when the dawn broke…

Since I have been shouted at on the street few days before I left for Indonesia, I could no longer feel safe. After Brexit, I could no longer feel at home, nor feel welcome as a guest in this country. My husband who is a white British born and bred tried so hard to convince me otherwise, but with so many horrible news lately… it is hard not to think about the worst.


It made me think, is it possible that I could be happier if we move somewhere else?

x ❤ x


Holiday Aftermath: My Garden!

I never gardened before in my life, and I always though that gardening is only for people who has reached a certain level in their lives — like my mum, who has her own orchid garden. But now that I have started my garden, I can’t think of myself not having one.

This gardening thingy… I like it.

That is why it was quite difficult for me to leave my garden for almost two weeks. My husband and I have asked few people to keep an eye on our (my) garden, especially the vegetables as they are so close to harvesting time. And indeed, when I came home few days ago, we have got two courgettes ready for dinner.

img_1134 img_1133

We have some tomatoes and chilli started to fruit… I hope I could enjoy some of them for a salad before the summer is over.

img_1129 img_0983 img_0991

And possibly some sunflower seed too…

I am quite chuffed with how some of my plants are doing. The sunflowers and candytufts are just beautiful. But apparently few days before my homecoming, there was a heatwave in Norwich for few days, and seems like some of my plants couldn’t survive them.

My celery has to be chucked away because they just… gone. So does one of my chilli plants. The worst are my peas and Nigellas. I hope I could save some of them, but for now… they just look a bit dead for me.


Wish me luck, as the heatwave seems as if it wouldn’t stop for few more days…

x ❤ x

I Am Back!

Not many people knows that I was away for a couple of weeks — as I haven’t told anybody. My husband thought it wouldn’t be wise to advertise our holiday to general public — at the same time telling them that we’re not going to be at home for a while. Safety first, the self proclaimed captain paranoid always told me. I wonder if I could convince him to install some security system in our house…?

Anyway… My sister got engaged and married — I think it is cultural thing where the engagement ceremony is just a part of traditional thingy. Naturally, I want to be at home to celebrate it with my family. We’re lucky that the even coincide with my husband’s holiday from work, so we could visit Indonesia together. It’s been awhile since he had visited Indonesia.


For the wedding gift, I cross stitched a wedding sampler for my sister few weeks ago. I decided to frame it in Indonesia because it was cheaper to professionally do, and much easier to transport. And since my mum chose the frame, it looked so much better than I had expected.

But hey, I am home now. I am really tired, but I somehow I just wanted to make sure this entry is posted today. I miss this blog when I was away 🙂

Will be back soon.

x ❤ x

FO: Pink Baby Jacket

This jacket finished much quicker than I thought it would take. Well, given that it is incredibly tiny, and that it was mainly stockinette stitch and k1p1 ribbing, I can’t see any reason why it should take longer than it did.



Aren’t they the cutest?

It is really tiny though, I am not sure if it fits anything else than a doll. However, I have never hold a newborn baby before, maybe newborn baby is really that small.

The pattern was really straightforward and it was really easy to follow although it was clearly have been translated from other language. I had a slight confusion with sks, which is actually ssk in UK English abbreviation. But that’s probably it.

Best thing about it is that it is wonderfully seamless, so the only time I used my needles is to sew in the extra tail of yarn.

Hopefully my sister loves it, and that it actually fits the baby. Fingers crossed…

x ❤ x

New Project: Newborn Jacket

For my soon to be niece. Of course.

Since I am coming back to Indonesia soon, and visit my family, I thought it would be nice to make something for my sister. Saw her photo and the pregnancy is so big, it is actually freak me out a bit. She’s my little sister FGS.


Anyway, I found this pattern called Bluebell Cardigan from ravelry, and as it happens, I do still have some baby yarn enough for this project. It seems simple enough, and I could finish it before we leave for Indonesia.

The piece is knitted as one piece, and top down using circular needle. Mostly it is just stockinette and rib stitch — which I like, because it mean I could do it while watching NCIS.


Since it is for newborn, it grew really quick. Once I’ve finished increasing for the yoke, the rest is easy peasy. Let’s see how it goes…

x ❤ x