Hubby’s Happy Feet

Another finished project!

Actually, it was finished a while ago. Doesn’t matter. I post it today.


This is the FO. A pair of incredibly colourful pair of socks for my husband. Like I have said earlier, my husband chose the colour himself. They’re a bit bright, aren’t they?

However, since it was warm lately, it might have to wait to be worn one or two months from now. Well… better be prepared because you never know how British summer will behave.


My husband was ecstatic. He was more than willing to model for the socks. Of course he overdid it a little bit, but I think it’s cute 🙂 I mean, he doesn’t like his face to be exposed too much — privacy and things, but he’s more than willing to have his feet to be the guest celebrity on my blog every now and then.


Although… I am not sure how he did this one. I mean… it looks somewhat freaky doesn’t it?

There you go. Socks!



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