New WIP: More Socks!!

What can I say? Socks are probably one of the most addictive things to knit. They are small, but challenging. They give you enough difficulties to conquer, new things to learn, intricacy to master… yet it doesn’t take weeks like jumpers or dresses. The only problem socks knitters might have to deal is the second sock syndrome.


Oh. Right. So, my new project is another pair of socks for my husband. I am choosing the colours right now, so I think I will make this blue and white stripey socks for him.

I quite like working with stripes. Not only it raises the difficulty level a little bit, at the same time it makes it so much easier to count rows. You don’t need to either counting rows every now and then (especially if you have a annoyingly cheeky husband who deliberately screw up your counting), or keep measuring the length (with the risk of making a slightly asymmetrical pair).


Basically stripes rock!

The pattern is quite easy, got it free from ravelry. The pattern doesn’t call for stripes, but like I said.. I would love some challenge 🙂

x ❤ x

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