I Am Seriously on Fire!

It is summer, and it is hot. I am not supposed to knit warm things like socks. I should crochet bikini or something.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of confidence. The idea of showing my tum and thighs to the world to see is quite daunting. Hey, maybe next year when I finally get on with the bikini body thing… not.


I’d rather stay inside the house knitting than roasting myself out there half naked. The hotter it is outside, the more unwilling I would be to expose myself to the sun. I mean, hasn’t anybody heard about skin cancer and melanoma?

Anyway, socks is the new summer fashion.

No… not really. I am just making that up. However, I do embrace the spirit of summer in this pair of socks. Light blue and cream, it looks bright and happy. Like summer. Even my husband who is naturally grumpy couldn’t look too grumpy in these socks.


He is still a willing socks model. How awesome is it to have someone who is constantly enthusiastic in supporting your hobby like my husband?

I like making these socks, it is quick to make, and not too difficult that I have to concentrate too much. I am glad I chose to make it in stripes although the pattern wasn’t on stripey pattern. The yarns are Robin Bonny Babe, one of my favourite budget yarns that I have work with.

Anyway, I have to say it to make it official: I have an FO!

x ❤ x


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