One Year Already?

Wait… what? Another celebration?

When I decided to celebrate my 100th post, I didn’t realise that this blog is only few days away from its anniversary. First anniversary, even.

Can you believe that?

I could, but barely. It’s only when I checked on my first ever post, saw the date on it, then I realised, “Oh yeah… It’s been a year now”.

first time trying mattress stitch

first time trying mattress stitch

On my first anniversary, I tried to remember what other “first” things I have done here. My first time ever knitting two sleeves at the same time. My first time blocking the piece before sewing it up. Even… my first ever award.


first pair of socks…

It feels amazing to be able to look back and realised how much I have learned with this blog. So… I know… I know it is probably too early for you to have a tipple, but as usual, you could do whatever you have in your mug — Americano or Irish Coffee, English Breakfast or O-cha..

Cheers! For the good year, and more to come…

x ❤ x


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