Lunch in Bed…

Ah now you wish, don’t you. Lunch in bed after breakfast in bed, and snuggling up in warm duvet while the cloudy grey day promises showers. But nope, the day was great, and sunny. And warm with soft breeze cooling it down when the sun gets too fierce.

And it wasn’t really lunch in bed. It was lunch in Bed…ford.


Yes we are in Bedford. When I said “we” what i meant was my husband and I. My husband’s company had a project fixing windows in a church in Bedford. He asked me if I would like to go with him there – not to fix windows of course.

And I would like to. So I went.

Bedford was beautiful. I don’t think it is bigger than Norwich by size, but it is bustling. The shopping area is not as pleasant as our Gentleman’s walk, and their Arcade is not a Royal Arcade like ours.

But damn that river.

I’d love to live in a city which has a river and a garden like that. I mean yes we do have both parks and rivers in the city, but not both at the same time– not in the middle of the city.

But that’s not what I like about Bedford the most. It is this photo:

Seems like they know their priority.

x ❤ x

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