New Project: Newborn Jacket

For my soon to be niece. Of course.

Since I am coming back to Indonesia soon, and visit my family, I thought it would be nice to make something for my sister. Saw her photo and the pregnancy is so big, it is actually freak me out a bit. She’s my little sister FGS.


Anyway, I found this pattern called Bluebell Cardigan from ravelry, and as it happens, I do still have some baby yarn enough for this project. It seems simple enough, and I could finish it before we leave for Indonesia.

The piece is knitted as one piece, and top down using circular needle. Mostly it is just stockinette and rib stitch — which I like, because it mean I could do it while watching NCIS.


Since it is for newborn, it grew really quick. Once I’ve finished increasing for the yoke, the rest is easy peasy. Let’s see how it goes…

x ❤ x


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