Holiday Aftermath: My Garden!

I never gardened before in my life, and I always though that gardening is only for people who has reached a certain level in their lives — like my mum, who has her own orchid garden. But now that I have started my garden, I can’t think of myself not having one.

This gardening thingy… I like it.

That is why it was quite difficult for me to leave my garden for almost two weeks. My husband and I have asked few people to keep an eye on our (my) garden, especially the vegetables as they are so close to harvesting time. And indeed, when I came home few days ago, we have got two courgettes ready for dinner.

img_1134 img_1133

We have some tomatoes and chilli started to fruit… I hope I could enjoy some of them for a salad before the summer is over.

img_1129 img_0983 img_0991

And possibly some sunflower seed too…

I am quite chuffed with how some of my plants are doing. The sunflowers and candytufts are just beautiful. But apparently few days before my homecoming, there was a heatwave in Norwich for few days, and seems like some of my plants couldn’t survive them.

My celery has to be chucked away because they just… gone. So does one of my chilli plants. The worst are my peas and Nigellas. I hope I could save some of them, but for now… they just look a bit dead for me.


Wish me luck, as the heatwave seems as if it wouldn’t stop for few more days…

x ❤ x


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