Very Incredibly Slow Progress…

I’ve been naughty, I have to admit. It was wonderful out there — sunny and warm, and a bit of breeze, and I was giving my garden a lot of TLC after leaving them for Indonesia for two weeks.


In fact, my tomatoes are so happy to fruit. They are not yet ready to harvest, but they will be soon.

How long — do you think — does it take for green tomatoes to turn red? I can start tasting it in my mouth now…


And even more courgette… we haven’t bought courgette for two weeks now!

However, the thing with taking care of the house — picking up where we left off when we went to Indonesia, means I have been neglecting my baby jacket WIP. I haven’t touched it for days!!


ready to pick up again…

Hopefully, now that the weather gets cooler, and the wind gets even colder, I could focus on knitting again. I mean… it’s nicer to knit when it is cold outside, isn’t it?

x ❤ x


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