Catching A Crocheting Bug :D

Finally I have got a WIP.

The realisation of being an aunt has suddenly given me that feeling of… aunt-hood. If that makes sense? I just wanted to make something for the  niece I have never met. I have seen the photos though, and she is one adorable thing.

I found this cute little hat pattern for newborn from ravelry, but after I followed the link the pattern was made for worsted weight or aran yarn. I don’t have that particular yarn, especially not in that colour.

I mean…


I cannot make a panda with pink yarn, can I?

So, I tweaked it, and made my own basic hat pattern so I can use baby/ DK weight yarn (which I have in abundance in our home), and I am happy to say that it has turned out alright.

Now I am not sure how big a newborn baby head is, but I managed to make around 42cm in head circumference. I hope it fits… We can only see if it does in a week.


Gosh… a week?

x ❤ x


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