Ooh… WIP!

I started to like this table cloth/ curtain project, although I am a bit confused with its name. Why is it named “Puritan crochet”? I mean, what does it have anything to do with it? Anyway… it doesn’t matter. I still like it.


Well… I have to be honest, it was slightly confusing to start with because the chains kept twisting, and I am not good in keeping the tension. But after the second and the third squares things are getting a little bit more uniformed.

Now that I learned how to join squares as I go, I wonder why I didn’t learn how to do this much earlier. This reduced the extra work and the extra yarn, because I don’t have to sew it together. And best of all, it is just seamless, because the joint is not at bulky like when it is joined with needles and thread.

No.. I am serious. Look!


I think it will look even more gorgeous once I have blocked the end product.

Anyway, my sister in law came with this new project for me. I have never done this before, and I think it is quite challenging. It is a repair work for her husband’s granny square blanket. I think I have seen some youtube video about how to repair granny square blanket. Let’s see if I could save this blanket ๐Ÿ™‚


We do have the wool for the yellow bits, but not yet for the green one. It might me a trip to wool shop to get the right colour. I know.. I know it might be much easier to make a new blanket, but I admire the sentimental value of this blanket. Apparently it was from my brother in law’s nana, as he is the Canary’s biggest fan.

Wish us luck ๐Ÿ™‚


Trying Cotton Yarn

Remember when I went to the craft shop in Indonesia? Yes, I ended up home with a couple of purple cotton yarn. I think it is either local yarn, or made in China — judging from its label. Anyway…


Since the yarn weight is quite light, I am thinking of making a lacy curtain or tablecloth. I found this table cloth pattern from ravelry and quite like it. I think it would make a good curtain too — all I need to do is change the amount of squares to resize the end result.

After working a while with this yarn I found that the yarn doesn’t slide as nicely as the usual yarn I used. I am not sure if it is because of the material of the yarn or because of the quality of the yarn itself. I have heard that cotton yarn works differently, but I also realised that this yarn I just bought has an inferior quality compared to the usual yarn I have.


However, I am not complaining. It is still okay to use, and it is incredibly cheap. Although I am not going to use it to make something that I am going to wear, it will still works for decoration or even light blanket… Hm… Blanket, huh?

Maybe after this project is done?

x โค x

Made With Love

Actually… the pompom didn’t need that long to make. I thought it would be because… well… it’s a pompom. However after I got the hang of it, it is just as easy as making anything else. Basically it’s two shells crocheted together to make a ball.

If you want to make the similar kind of border, you can find it here. I found the tutorial easy to follow, and the result is just too cute not to make.


There you go.

Oh… and another thing ๐Ÿ˜€

My brother and his girlfriend is now owning a laser cut service business in my hometown, so I ordered them signage, so I could take a cute photos with my projects. I supposed to pay him something, but he and the girlfriend insisted that they wouldn’t take payment for their work.

So, all I can do is to help them to promote their business. This is their instagram link where you can get the info about the company and the samples of their works… and if you are in Indonesia and you would like to have a customised wood or acrylic sign, you could order from them. They have a good price and very professional in their work.


Here is what they made for me ๐Ÿ˜€

WIP and Progress

With such a cute niece, it is so easy to forget to forget everything else ๐Ÿ™‚ True that she is still too young to recognise me as an auntie, but soon she would be able to do that. Unfortunately, I might not be able to be there when she does.

Anyway, I am just happy that she is happy, and healthy, so is the mother. My sister is glowing, and somehow I can understand what people said about motherhood. I could see the different aura around my little sis, that she is no longer the same person — in a good way, of course.

It is awesome.


About the WIP: the main part of theย blanket was done — and I forgot to take photo of it. I did the last two rows with white because I run out pink wool– and couldn’t find anything similar in my hometown. I could have ordered it online, but only for two rows and the time needed to wait for the delivery… My sister and I decided to use white instead — making it extra unique ๐Ÿ˜€

And I am now doing the border. I have decided to make the pompom border. My sister thought it is really cute to be used as baby blanket. So pompom border it is.

However, pompom border does take a little while to make. This is also the first time I do pompom, so it still feels a little bit fiddly. However, after a while it does look cute, and it will be worth the time and effort.



This will be done before I go home to Norwich ๐Ÿ™‚

x โค x

WIP – ing in Hometown

I am so glad that I bring my WIP with me to Indonesia. Between trying to get a bit of contact with my DH whom I left in the UK — he’s working, it is nice to be able to sit down and continue making something. Keeping my crochet bug alive.


My niece is few weeks old now, and in our tradition, when the baby reaches a month old, we’re celebrating it by sending hampers out for family and friends. Mum thinks it would be better if she makes the hamper herself, but as she was busy she wants someone to help her buying stuff from the craft store.

Guess who volunteered!

Have you guessed it already? You’re right, I did.


The craft shop in Indonesia is not the same as the craft shop we usually have in the UK. While in the UK it is nice, and bright and very convenient, in Indonesia it is packed with stuff, the fluffy, the blingy, and the colourful. While in the UK craft is a hobby, lots of Indonesian people buy stuff for themselves because it is a part of their job. Indonesian Craftstore’s customers are mostly home-industries, instead of hobbyists.

People buy stuff here in bulk, although the shop also serves people who buys in small amount of stuff — like me. Compared to the price of the similar stuff in the UK (for buttons, buckles, zippers etc), the price in this little dingy store is much… much lower, for obvious reasons.


I wonder if we could find places like this — that is not online, in the UK. Hmm…

x โค x

Meeting The Niece

I am here! And I finally met my newborn niece.

She is now 3 weeks old already and was probably one of the cutest things I have seen in my entire life. I cannot remember the last time I saw my parents were so ready to burst with happiness. This time, my parents’s house is just a happy house.


I brought the hats I made for her last month, and unfortunately for now they’re still a bit too big for her tiny head. The shoes I made much earlier were also too big for now, because she has a pair of tiny feet — complete with little toes (those are so cute by the way). I say tiny, but most people I talked to told me that she is actually a good size for a newborn baby, a good and healthy size. Proud Auntie moment now…

img_1707-1ย My dad in particular loves the ducky hat, and found that bright yellow works well with this girl’s cheeky personality. However, when I saw her, she was asleep most of the time — is that what baby does?



The baby cardigan, by the way fits really well. I worried that it would be too small, because it was so small when I finished the piece, but nope… She wore it the first time she went out with us for a nice dinner at a restaurant. And I can proudly tell you that she did behave really really well when we took her out…

Ah… what a great feeling…

x โค x


PS. Sorry that I need to censor her face, it’s just me being an over protective Aunt ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Crochet And Travel

I have knitted in flight before. However, since I don’t usually do small knitting projects, I found knitting while flying is a little bit fiddly. Using circular needles definitely helps, but still…


View from above could be pretty, but 12 hours can be a bit boring without something to do at hand…

Crochet though… is much easier to do when flying. It doesn’t take as much space, and somehow I feel it doesn’t need larger moving space either. I took a shawl project when I went on holiday to Turkey, and it was alright, and now I bring my Midwife Blanket to Indonesia.ย 

The yarn caddy was extremely helpful. I do pull the yarn from the middle of the skein though, I have never tried to use these kind of caddy while pulling the yarn from the ouside of the skein. SO, I don’t know if it could work that way. The holder makes sure that the yarn would not move about or roll over somewhere and make a lot of tangly mess.


look how small and un-threatening the scissors are…

And… mini folding scissors. Sharp objects are most of the time prohibited in flight. I know that. But it is difficult to cut an acrylic yarn, especially for someone who don’t like to use teeth for everything that needs cutting like me. So I bought this really tiny folding scissors from Amazon, and attach it to my keychain, so it is on the plain sight all the time — to make sure I wasn’t trying to disguise it or something.

It passed the check. I could bring it, and boy how it has made life so much easier.

The progress so far…


In the waiting room, waiting for the next flight…

x โค x