One FO and One WIP

Yes. You know it. It is definitely a wonderful feeling when you can tell people (although they probably don’t understand what you’re talking about) that you finally have an FO. It is not only mean that I have finally broken down the crafter block, but I also… create something again. It has definitely given me a great sense of achievement. img_1657

I don’t know why I originally chose to make a Panda Hat, I just found the photos in Ravelry quite interesting and that Panda looks quite cute in a baby’s head. Given the fact I have black and white yarn in my stash that I can use to do this little experiment, I thought… why not?

Admittedly, I am quite chuffed with the result — mind you, it hasn’t been tried on, so we haven’t known yet if it would fit or not. But still, it is quite a proud moment when I see the finished project because I didn’t follow any particular pattern. Maybe… maybe in the future I could write my own pattern *gasp*.


With the hope that the sizing is correct, I started the next project — another baby hat. But this time I am going to make different animal. Let’s see how it goes…

x ❤ x

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