Up In The Air…

Do you watch Call The Midwife? If you haven’t heard about this show, it is basically a drama series from BBC, about a group of midwives (hence the name) in post war East London. Besides a lovely story line, and the fact that it is based on a memoir of a real midwife, it has also become the source of inspiration of lots of knitters and crocheter too.

Imagine sex and the city for people who do fashion. This one is for the knitting projects.

In one of the episodes there is a crocheted baby blanket that is now become known as “The Midwife’s Blanket”. I really love the pattern — simple lacy pattern, and the classy yet homely effect it has made. I thought… I want to make one for my new niece.


So started it. Mind you, there are lots of people making this and writing their own patterns, so if you google you might even find them. You might also find out that there are plenty of modification, both in the main part of the pattern itself, or in the border. People mix in colours, and adding in extra bit to make this already pretty blanket look even more personal.

Love love love it. I decided to make it in two colours.


bah! the lighting makes the two colours look too similar. It is supposed to be pink and cream… like strawberry and cream milkshake… if that makes sense…

In the middle of doing it, I thought… hey… I could have done this on my way to Indonesia. I mean, crocheting is lest fiddly than knitting as it only uses a hook instead of two needles. And the hook could be small enough not to come across as a weapon or something like that.

And baby blanket is small enough as a project you could do in the plane! Why not? After all, it would be great to be able to do something productive when you’re stuck in a 12 hour journey, in a somewhat restricted area. It could be boring, even with all those in flight entertainment.


this is one, the other one is already attached to the blanket…

My DH’s late mum had these two yarn dispenser, and I haven’t got the chance of using it as I always do crochet and knitting at home. Now is the time to try if they are really helpful for traveller…

x ❤ x


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