Crochet And Travel

I have knitted in flight before. However, since I don’t usually do small knitting projects, I found knitting while flying is a little bit fiddly. Using circular needles definitely helps, but still…


View from above could be pretty, but 12 hours can be a bit boring without something to do at hand…

Crochet though… is much easier to do when flying. It doesn’t take as much space, and somehow I feel it doesn’t need larger moving space either. I took a shawl project when I went on holiday to Turkey, and it was alright, and now I bring my Midwife Blanket to Indonesia. 

The yarn caddy was extremely helpful. I do pull the yarn from the middle of the skein though, I have never tried to use these kind of caddy while pulling the yarn from the ouside of the skein. SO, I don’t know if it could work that way. The holder makes sure that the yarn would not move about or roll over somewhere and make a lot of tangly mess.


look how small and un-threatening the scissors are…

And… mini folding scissors. Sharp objects are most of the time prohibited in flight. I know that. But it is difficult to cut an acrylic yarn, especially for someone who don’t like to use teeth for everything that needs cutting like me. So I bought this really tiny folding scissors from Amazon, and attach it to my keychain, so it is on the plain sight all the time — to make sure I wasn’t trying to disguise it or something.

It passed the check. I could bring it, and boy how it has made life so much easier.

The progress so far…


In the waiting room, waiting for the next flight…

x ❤ x


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