Meeting The Niece

I am here! And I finally met my newborn niece.

She is now 3 weeks old already and was probably one of the cutest things I have seen in my entire life. I cannot remember the last time I saw my parents were so ready to burst with happiness. This time, my parents’s house is just a happy house.


I brought the hats I made for her last month, and unfortunately for now they’re still a bit too big for her tiny head. The shoes I made much earlier were also too big for now, because she has a pair of tiny feet — complete with little toes (those are so cute by the way). I say tiny, but most people I talked to told me that she is actually a good size for a newborn baby, a good and healthy size. Proud Auntie moment now…

img_1707-1 My dad in particular loves the ducky hat, and found that bright yellow works well with this girl’s cheeky personality. However, when I saw her, she was asleep most of the time — is that what baby does?



The baby cardigan, by the way fits really well. I worried that it would be too small, because it was so small when I finished the piece, but nope… She wore it the first time she went out with us for a nice dinner at a restaurant. And I can proudly tell you that she did behave really really well when we took her out…

Ah… what a great feeling…

x ❤ x


PS. Sorry that I need to censor her face, it’s just me being an over protective Aunt 😦


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