WIP – ing in Hometown

I am so glad that I bring my WIP with me to Indonesia. Between trying to get a bit of contact with my DH whom I left in the UK — he’s working, it is nice to be able to sit down and continue making something. Keeping my crochet bug alive.


My niece is few weeks old now, and in our tradition, when the baby reaches a month old, we’re celebrating it by sending hampers out for family and friends. Mum thinks it would be better if she makes the hamper herself, but as she was busy she wants someone to help her buying stuff from the craft store.

Guess who volunteered!

Have you guessed it already? You’re right, I did.


The craft shop in Indonesia is not the same as the craft shop we usually have in the UK. While in the UK it is nice, and bright and very convenient, in Indonesia it is packed with stuff, the fluffy, the blingy, and the colourful. While in the UK craft is a hobby, lots of Indonesian people buy stuff for themselves because it is a part of their job. Indonesian Craftstore’s customers are mostly home-industries, instead of hobbyists.

People buy stuff here in bulk, although the shop also serves people who buys in small amount of stuff — like me. Compared to the price of the similar stuff in the UK (for buttons, buckles, zippers etc), the price in this little dingy store is much… much lower, for obvious reasons.


I wonder if we could find places like this — that is not online, in the UK. Hmm…

x ❤ x


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