Cross Stitch WIP <3

My sister in law came for a visit few days ago. Always love her visit because she will update me with everything, including her WIPs. I kind of miss having a Monday natter with her. Maybe I have to ask her if she is still up to do some craftmaking over a cuppa — or hundreds of cuppa in our case.

I showed her what I have done with the blanket, just to see if she is okay with how I do it — using the leftover green yarn from the frayed bit.


And, she said it is good enough. Now, all i need to do is to get the yarn so I can finish this. Hopefully tomorrow would be sunny and slightly warmer than today, so my headache would go — so I could go out and yarn hunting. Excited!

My SIL said something that I thought as a brilliant idea.

Remember when I injured my wrists and I had to stop doing what I was doing for a while? SIL mentioned about rotating WIPs every week, so we can reduce the repetitiveness of the movement. For example, having crochet project in this week, and cross stitch project or knitting project the next week.

I think it is brilliant! I mean, I usually stick to one WIP at a time, but stopped when I get bored with the WIP — then the WIP would end up as a UFO. But the idea of rotating the WIP is great. I could do a bit of crochet, and a bit of cross stitch.

In fact… I have done a bit.


Let’s see if this works 😀


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