Fifty Shades of Green…


My husband finally took me to Hobbycraft to get the green wool for the repair project. Being in Norwich, you will think that it would be a piece of cake to find the shade of green that is used as the official colour for Norwich FC. Apparently I was mistaken. Completely mistaken.

I was in Hobbycraft, carrying the whole project, and trying to match the green that I need with all the green acrylic DK weight yarns available in the store. Nothing matched! Can you believe that? Well you should. And believe this too: it was frustrating.

Until, my husband, standing next to Anchor’s tapestry wool rack and asked me something brilliant: “can you use this kind of wool?”

I mean… why not?

They have even more shades of green, and the yarn weight is more or less DK weight. Each skein would be 8m ish, which would be long enough to patch the fraying bits in the blanket. Unfortunately though, with so many greens, I still can’t find the one matched the blanket.


What kind of green is that, you might ask.

It is, my friend… the shade of green of DMC stranded cotton number 701. Yes, I matched it. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell the DMC tapestry wool in that store. I ordered it from sew and so yesterday, and hopefully they will arrive this week so I could start the project again.

For now though… I am still doing my lacy crochet project. I start to get the hang of it, and I don’t have to look at the pattern again to make each square. It is of course making things quicker.


I think they look pretty. I can’t wait to see how they would look like after they’re being blocked…

x ❤ x

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