Okay… a few oopsie moments here.

First, the green wool has arrived. I have to say that the delivery is quick, so yes… if I had the correct colour I could start working with the repairing project. But, that’s the thing… IF I had the correct shade of green.


Just so you know, I am not blaming the shop for sending me the wrong colour, because it must be my fault. I matched the colour with stranded cotton DMC shade 701, and it was correct… and I used this conversion chart here to get the code for the tapestry wool — which was 7042.

So, theoretically 7024 should match my green. That is the plan anyway, but apparently it is not quite so.


When it arrived, it didn’t match completely. It was close. Very close. Probably the closest I have ever found, but I am pretty sure that if I use this wool, it would be quite visible. I know that my SIL wouldn’t mind so much, but I do… I mean, if I want to make something for someone I do care about, I would want to make it perfect, wouldn’t I?

Anyway, I would try the wool first, maybe when it is crocheted in it would be seamless. Let’s hope so 😦

The second oops is this…


I have made it so far only to realise that I don’t have enough cotton yarn to make a full curtain. It might be enough to make one half a curtain (with some extra for the other half), or a cute lacy throw or afghan, or table cloth. I mentioned the table cloth to my husband though… but he wasn’t too enthusiastic having a cute lacy table cloth.

So… I have several options now. Make it as a throw or afghan to be use for summer, or… I could make one half of the curtains, and make as much as I can until I have got the chance to visit Indonesia again to buy the material to finish the project (means having a UFO for a while). What do you think?




6 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. Those are really similar greens. I’d try the blend in and see how it looks. They often don’t look as striking once they are stitched. I love the curtain pattern, beautifully made! Any chance you could send the pattern my way or let me know where you bought the pattern?

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