Weekend Push, and an FO

I am not sure why it is called “Weekend Push”. I mean, it is a weekend.


Like every weekend, it is so easy for me to be lost in the project. It seems that I don’t need to really push anything to get a project going. Like the repairing project I’ve been doing for my sister in law, for example.

I was unravelling, and crocheting, and replacing the fraying bits of the blanket. And, when I finally finished the project, I just realised that it was way past midnight.






But anyway… I just finished a project.

I followed some of the suggestions to use the wool anyway, and it definitely work. You can’t see where I have replaced the wool, and where I have made the repairing work, can you? I mean colour-wise, it definitely blends well with the original colour. I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result.


Now that it is done, should I just give it to my sister in law? Or should I wait until Christmas for an additional Christmas surprise for her?

x ❤ x


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