<3 Cute Little Things <3

Yes! You guess it right! They are Penguins 🙂


The pattern for the slipper is so easy to make, and very basic too. The breakdown is pretty clear, so you could basically make the circular bit on the toe as whatever you want it to be. In this case, I made a penguin face.

That’s a finished by the way.

As for the current WIP? Well well… Remember this project? The project stalled because I thought I made a mistake, or that the pattern is wrong. The pieces seems like they don’t fit together when I try to sew them up. It went UFO for weeks or even months, I even told my SIL that I considered ripping them up altogether and start again.


However yesterday I saw the pattern again, with a pair of fresh eyes. I just realised I made a mistake reading how to stitch them up together. No wonder it didn’t work the first time. Doh.

So I tried again, and this time they just fit. Of course it is not finished yet — the finished product would be incredibly pretty (at least that’s how it looks on the photos, and photos of other projects of people who have finished this pattern on ravelry).


Now what I need to do is just to crochet the border 😀

x ❤ x

8 thoughts on “<3 Cute Little Things <3

  1. Oh I find the sweater so nice and cute. I think you have done a wonderful job so far on it. I find I have to do that a lot too, I will get frustrated with a project because something isn’t working and I put it away for a week or too. Then when I pull it out again I find I can slowly figure out what I did wrong. Good luck with finishing the sweater

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