Done… and Done!

I wish I could say that about my visa paperwork. Those pesky papers! It is impossible to have my weekend, sit comfortable in front of telly, watching Bake Off reruns, and stitch… or knit. However, we shouldn’t let those paper wins, should we? I mean… A girl have to do what a girl have to do…

And for that determination, I am proud to say that it has paid off. I managed to finish two… yes, my dear fellow bloggers… TWO finished this week.


The first one is the cross stitch project. I really like it. I am thinking of making a little coin purse, or small cosmetic purse that I can carry inside my handbag. Maybe if I line it with some stiff fabric?

The second one is the baby cardigan. The border is crocheted. I am glad I can both knit and crochet, because this pattern requires both. I was a little bit dubious about the picot border when I started the border, but as I continue it actually looks okay.



The pattern came with the flower accessories, but I removed it as I don’t like it. I will offer it to my sister though, if she would like some accessories for it, I would make a crocheted or knitted flower as a broach.

Now now… what’s next?


10 thoughts on “Done… and Done!

  1. Wow, two projects! Great job on both. I love the cardigan and I think that stitched piece would look so nice as a make up purse or change bag or something like that. Well good luck finding a new project to work on, though I find that the easy part. Staying with it and finishing it is the hard part for me.

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