I have been a member of cross stitching groups on facebook for awhile now. At first, it was really confusing when I read the conversation about people doing HAED. I mean, I can see that they are doing a very complicated big project, but what is HAED?

After a quick research, I found out that HAED is actually an abbreviation for Heaven and Earth Design. They have a lot of wonderful patterns — big, complicated, and extremely beautiful patterns. Most of the time, I could not afford the patterns, because I don’t have a steady income that I can rely on. But, HAED has this free pattern give away, that they change every now and then. Few months ago, I found this pattern was free to download.


However, I knew it right there and then, that for a novice stitcher like myself, such project is near impossible. Big project like this one is not cheap — fabric, and thread will cost me a fortune.

But I really want to try to do them. So, when I was at the craft store in Indonesia, I bought a very cheap aida — 18ct, around £2 for 3 metres of the fabric. It would save so much money if I want to do a big project as so far the cheapest aida I could find online was this one from Amazon.
I also tried to find the best way to reduce the cost of the embroidery floss. I mean, for 89 colours, even with 50p a skein floss, it is still going to hurt my bank account. So I have to be slightly crafty and do my research. And I found this on Amazon (what a lovely place to shop).

This is, I think, made in China, and was very cheap replacement for DMC. The code number for this thread (it is not branded, so I am not sure what to call this), corresponds with DMC so you can use it interchangeably. Although I agree that they have different quality if you compare them side by side, I have to say that I can’t really see the difference when it is in a project.

But then again, I am a novice stitcher.


I was quite dubious when the first time I looked at this product, but after I read the review, I though I could give it a try. I mean, even if it doesn’t work for this pattern, I might use it for other projects. And… I did. I used it for that other project — wedding gift for my sister, and the last project — flowers in the vase. So, I know that the threads are fine.

Now it is just about determination. Would I be able to make my first HAED? Well well… let’s see…

Have anyone of you do any HAED projects?

x ❤ x

5 thoughts on “HAED

  1. Teresa LittleStitcher says:

    I have only been stitching for around 2.2 years – I, like you was what is a HAED lol! Now i am fixed on them and my first ever finish was a HAED!

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  2. I personally haven’t tried yet, but I have looked at there patterns before and they are very beautiful. I will have to do them some day. Me for buying thread I am right now just buying some every time I go to the only craft store that sells DMC in the whole city. About every time I spend 20-30 dollars on just the thread. So far I think I still have 100 or so more colours to go before I have them all.

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