Fund Your Hobby Without Breaking Your Bank…

Okay… If you know how to do it, you should let me know…

Like I said earlier, I have a lot of hobby… I cook, bake, knit, crochet, and cross stitch. And they do require a lot of money if you want to make something really good.

Cross Stitch WIP 29/11

Cross Stitch WIP D1

For example, knitting and crocheting… I could buy a nice pair of needles or hooks at the charity shops, but cheap wool is not easy to find. Most cheap wool I found is not well spun, or nice and fluffy like the more expensive one. Sometimes they would have a dodgy knots in the middle, making your knitted project really ugly, or a uneven plying.

Cross stitch is slightly easier for now. And, as cross stitching takes longer to finish (at least for me), it is cheaper if you calculate it by the amount of days you’re doing your hobby. But with hundreds and hundreds of colours, it will take around 30-40 pounds for one project.

Cross Stitch WIP 30/11

Cross Stitch WIP D2

This HAED for example… I am lucky that I have at least a third of the threads that I would need to finish it. But, I honestly can’t imagine funding a bigger project than this one, as much as want to 😦

So, if you don’t mind me asking…

How do you budget for your hobby? How much roughly do you allocate for a project?

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12 thoughts on “Fund Your Hobby Without Breaking Your Bank…

  1. Like tonymarkp, I do a lot of my yarn shopping online and basically in a similar manner. I like to shop for good quality yarn using a combination of discount coupons and free shipping. If you know what you are looking for, this is the best way to manage your budget and not regret overshopping or buying the stuff you won’t need.

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    • Yeah… about the stuff I don’t need. I have to admit that I have plenty of those. Now I am trying to destash so that I could make some room for more wool in the future…


  2. tonymarkp says:

    For knitting and crocheting I take advantage of sales and do a lot of my shopping online. My system is to make sure I have an email address that is for shopping only. All the marketing emails from the yarn suppliers go there. I check from time to time to see if I get a coupon code or a sale announcement and then I buy a lot of yarn all at once knowing what I would like to work on in the next months. Whenever I come across an absolute steal I just buy a lot of that yarn and figure out what to do with it later. For example, once when I was wandering around a city I don’t live in I found a yarn shop that put some very nice wool on sale. I spent about 50 euros and had enough yarn to make three or four sweaters. They were selling it by the kilo! I made one sweater with it, I’m working on another sweater with it, and I’ll no doubt get another sweater out of it plus a scarf. Another time I ran across a shop that was closing and so there was a liquidation sale. I bought a bunch of crochet cotton thread for very cheap. I think I spent about 20 euros and I have enough crochet thread for many projects, perhaps 20 doilies or so. Also, it’s very important to control your stash. I think it’s good to build a stash taking advantage of sales and coupons. But, you have to be reasonable and not go crazy. I’ve stopped buying yarn for now because I have enough to keep me busy for about a year. I’ll knit and crochet through it this year and then shop around again. If you feel like it, you can sift through my blog. I have a post about taking advantage of online and physical store sales.

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    • Tonymarkp, those are awesome ideas!! I admit I have missed some awesome opportunity to get cheap wool when some LYS nearby were doing warehouse cleaning or closing out sale. Maybe I have to keep my eyes on them too. Unfortunately I don’t travel too often, so I might have missed out on that too.
      But I can look out online. I have researched some sites where they offer cheaper wool. But for now, maybe I will have to destash first to make room for more wool in the future?

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      • tonymarkp says:

        If you think your stash is big enough and you feel like you should work through it before making more purchases, then that’s what you should do. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open for discounts. There are also some good old standards that, when not on sale, are pretty inexpensive and a really good buy when they go on sale: Lion Brand, Red Heart (in some stores their wool is available and in others just their acrylic), Cascade (others can mention more, I’m only half way through my first cup of coffee!). After Christmas sales are actually coming up in less than a month so, if you have time to knit or crochet through some of your stash, do that so you have room for new discounted stuff. After Christmas, you can check out the smileys yarn web site. Ridiculously discounted stuff!

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        • After Christmas sounds like a very sensible time to shop. Seems like now is time to start using up wool in my stash 🙂 Thank you, TonymarkP ❤
          Ps. I tried to get to your blog, but the link didn't work. Could you please give me the link to your blog? Thank you again.


  3. OcianeKnits says:

    I’m no expert but for knitting and crocheting I believe that in the long run, it is cheaper to buy raw wool and spin it yourself… that said it’s also a lot more time consuming, and implies that you first buy the encessary material to spin it and learn a new skill… but it could be fun!

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    • I would love to learn to spin, it might be cheaper or it might not be, but it is a wonderful skill to learn. My father in law has some sheep, I will ask if he is selling the fleece 🙂 However, the spinning machine, and the comb and brush are not cheap, are they?

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  4. I don’t now how the Canadian dollar is right now next to the pound but I believe that it is a dollar and half or something for every pound. I cross stitch a lot and before I used to buy the colours of thread with each project, but now I have so many colours that I have decided each time I go to the craft store I spend only 20 to 30 dollars on thread and I only go about once a month but for this month and last month I was over budget.😩

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    • Thank you for your suggestion, Ivyjade… I think this is a good idea, but I found out that buying thread online is cheaper for me than going to craft store in the city. Unfortunately, I don’t have 20-30 dollar to spare in one month for thread only 😦

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