Weekend Push

I like weekend.

It means my husband is not working, so it means we could spend the time together. It means we could snuggle a bit longer in the morning, and ignore each other a bit longer during the day — he is busy with his computer game, and I am with my WIPs.


And, although I am currently not working, it feels like a special day for pushing the WIPs, just like other crafters who work during the weekdays.

The white cardigan grew really fast. I have to say that I enjoy making it so much. It was very easy to follow, and I can say that the wool is incredibly nice and fluffy, and very easy to work with. I have never used this brand in the past, but I will definitely use it again in the future.


It is called Happy Sheep yarn. I found it at QD — a local discount store in Norwich. It is weird though, because it does have a url address in the yarn label, but when I tried to find out more about the company from the url address, it didn’t go anywhere. I wonder… Have anyone heard about this yarn before?

Anyway… like I said, the knitting WIP grew really fast. Soon they looked like these… See? Those are two for the front, two for the sleeves, and one for the back. I know!! They look really simple!


Alright! Alright! I know… I have a lot of 4mm needles. I thought I have more than I need, but then project like this happened and I realised, nope… the more needles, the better. So next time, if anyone (read: my husband) ever tell me again in the future that I don’t need more needles, I will show him this photo as an evidence that it is not true.

Anyway… This cardigan is done in yoke. I have never done yoke before. I don’t even know how to put the word “yoke” in a sentence. Is it a noun? But blimey, it is incredibly easy to do! I wonder if I could modify the pattern, using the same method, but different eyelet/lace motif.

Lo and behold…


It does look nice isn’t it? Sewing up next, and you’d see one more FO 🙂

x<3 x

3 thoughts on “Weekend Push

  1. All your projects are so beautiful! Thank you for finding me so I could discover you! And what a coincidence, I have just moved to Norwich (3 months ago) but I haven’t been to QD yet. It’s good to know there is cheap yarn there. I am making a sweater that was meant to be a “cheaper version” of a sweater seen in store. Never have I been so wrong.

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    • Hi Rudy! Welcome to the fine city of Norwich ❤ Lol yes the first time i knitted jumper I thought it would be cheaper just knit it myself.. nope :p good luck with your jumper x


  2. I love how that cardigan is coming alone. It is looking so nice. And your cross stitch is coming alone just great. I can’t wait till I see the finished project and even seeing it as you make progress I find is really neat. You get to see slowly it all coming together picture by picture. A lot of the time I forget how my project looked when I started it.

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