Love It!!

It does look really pretty… I wonder if I could do it with different colour, and different motifs next time. It is very easy and quick to make, but definitely not boring at all. I wish I have more nieces, so I can make more of these.


I showed it to mum, and she said it would be nice to be worn by my niece when she is being christened later. I hope she is not growing up so fast that the cardigan would not be big enough for her to wear at that time.

Anyway… Since I am still on fire, I think I should use this opportunity to make more knitting stuff…


New WIP next is going to be a hat. It is going to be small and quick, because I need two of these to be done before Christmas. I will send this to my friend in the Netherlands. Anyway, does anyone know how, and how much it is to send a package to the Netherlands, from the UK? Is Royal Mail the cheapest option? And how safe it is to send packages there?

x ❤ x


4 thoughts on “Love It!!

  1. I love how the cardigan turned out, absolutely beautiful.❤️ I also can’t wait to see how both the hats turn out. Wish I could help you about the shipping, all I know is that with shipping anything you have to be careful because sometimes you never know when someone will just take something for themselves. Happy knitting!😁

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