Hmm… I Wonder…

So, I started this new WIP. I found the pattern from Ravelry — of course. I have to remind you again how dangerous Ravelry is. Once you get in their site, you will get lost in thousands of awesome patterns, and you will stay there for the whole day… none of the household chores would be done. Yes… that place.

I found this pattern, and I love it. So I decide to make this for my niece (again). However, this time I do it for Mum’s request — as if I need an excuse to start a new project. Tee hee.


I didn’t have red wool in my stash, but I did have a bright fuschia baby yarn there. As I have this awesome plan to destash, I decide to use this yarn instead. Mum agreed that it is acceptable for CNY celebration, so I go ahead with the plan.

Right, it is Robin Bonny Babe. But somehow it is not the same with the usual Bonny Babe yarn I used. In the label it is said that it is New Soft Blend, and it was much softer than the usual Bonny Babe I used. And, no, I am not paid to say this.

The pattern is made from top to bottom. I have done it before for my first ever baby cardigan, but somehow I still found it difficult to follow pattern. I think it depends on how the pattern was written, but I also believe that I am still a novice in reading patterns although I have been knitting for 10 something years.


Anyway… Since I have made jackets and cardigans for my niece, it got me thinking… Does she need that many warm clothing? I mean, Indonesia is a tropical country, and it is warm almost all the time. But mum said that babies can’t produce heat like adults from their body, so they need warm clothes to keep their body temperature.

I don’t have babies, so I don’t know anything about how their bodies work. But my mum has four kids, so I take her words for it. But is it true, though? I mean, I don’t mind knitting more for my niece. I just wonder…

x ❤ x


14 thoughts on “Hmm… I Wonder…

  1. Beautiful pattern and your yarn choice is lovely. I think the baby will look so beautiful in it and keep her nice and cozy. And you are right about Ravelry. It can be the biggest black hole. I have been there on many occasions and when I have climbed out, realized that hours have been lost there. LOL

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  2. Excellent pattern choice! The back is such a lovely detail.

    As long as your gauge isn’t exceptionally tight, I think the warmth issue should be fine. I tend to disregard yarn weight and just try to match the gauge to what the worsted that I already have on hand by moving up or down a few needle sizes, so sometimes I’ll get really lovely, light, airy fabric or dense, fantastically warm fabric even though I didn’t use anything but good ol’ worsted. (Of course there are exceptions!)

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    • Most yarn in my stash is in DK, and I found it the most versatile weight to be used, but I do like working with different types of yarn 🙂 Thank you ❤


  3. I don’t have any kids(thank God way too young for that right now), however I do know that your mom is 100% right(way to go Mom Team!) Baby’s bodies actually can not produce heat in their bodies the same way adults do. It is way more difficult for them still, making them more prone to getting colds, as their bodies haven’t been exposed to anything or not much yet so the new body have to learn how to keep itself warm. When a baby does get sick with the flu it has to learn for the first time how to defend the body’s cells from the attacking virus. So lots of warm clothing is a great idea, right now I don’t think it need to be thinking about her having too much of it.

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    • Wow… my Mum is right (not that I have ever doubted her being right, of course :p). What you said does make sense, though… Now it gives me even more reason to knit baby stuff… ❤ ❤ Thank you, Ivyjade x

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      • Well I kind of thought that while I was writing that❤️ but I kind of think that you like that I’m giving you more of a reason to knit more baby stuff. I’m still waiting on my cousin to have her first baby so I can make baby quilts and we think she might be having twins so double the crafting for me!❤️☺️

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    • The split back with the bow is exactly the reason why I started this project 😀 Indeed very cute, and I can’t wait to see it worn by my niece…
      Yeah… That is really possible, because I remember my first winter in the UK, I can barely feel my fingers while I saw a lot of ladies walking around with sleeveless tops 😮

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  4. I don’t have any biological kids either, so I don’t know. I’ve never heard that, but I know babies often wear hats even when it’s not super-cold out, so maybe it is true. I think your niece will be one stylish girl!

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