Are You A DPNs or A Magic Loop Person?

I’ll come back to that question. But first, a quick update about the WIP.

Once it progressed past the armhole bit, working the body part is easy peasy. It is just a straight st st with garter stitch border. I feel bad doing it, and I kind of wonder if I could have done something about it…


But oh well… It might look simple now because it’s not done yet. Anyway… back to the question… Are you a DPNs or a Magic Loop kind of person?

Me? I am a DPNs person… definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love circular needle. I think they are very practical thing to have, I even think of ordering shorter circular needle that I might be able to use to knit socks. I also love them for a big project where it gets heavy with straight needles. It is very practical to bring them while travelling because it would less likely for me to lose one needle — or drop the stitches as they slide of the needle.

But I have never got around to like magic loop.


Like when working on the sleeves for this WIP for example. I always think DPNs is the best way to do it because I don’t have circular needle small enough for the sleeves.

I do realise though, that DPNs are not a very practical method when you’re travelling. I can’t imagine bringing this on the plane. It is going to be a nightmare, isn’t it? I wonder if it is done properly it is going to be much faster to work with magic loop?

x ❤ x

9 thoughts on “Are You A DPNs or A Magic Loop Person?

  1. Me, I have never used DPN’s before. I am working on a very big blanket using circular needles and for me it works great. And its okay for traveling, however it is getting pretty big right now. When I used to take the bus every morning to get to school I would always see these nice old lady knitting socks uses DPN’s. I’ve knitted on the bus before but I couldn’t imagine knitting socks on the bus, I would be too worried about dropping a stitch when I’m not supposed to or loosing count and realizing later that I have done the wrong stitches. I always thought she had very great skill to be able to do that on a crowded bus.

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  2. I’m a big fan of the magic loop, and have so far, never used DPNs. However, I’m fast destroying my circulars by being almost agreesive with my magic loop. I’ve got some crazy kinks in my cables, that I’ve tried fixing with warm water, to no avail. The problem, is that I am always knitting on my commute. I commute into work, so spend almost 2hrs travelling a day. I’d say I knit more whilst commuting than I do at home, easily. So my projects have to be easily transportable, and commuter friendly. I’ve had people sit next to me looking really nervous about ‘the lady with the pointy metal needles’ (I’ve had to point out that they’re no more dangerous than someone with a pen and crossword puzzle) and I think having DPNs sticking out from my knitting might be the last straw for some of them! 🙂

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    • Ah yes… The reason why I love using circular needles is their practicality and mobility. I often use circular instead or straight needle for this purpose, and fortunately has never accidentally poked anyone with my needles 😀


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