Working With Black

After making some cardigans for my niece, and showed it off to my family, my mum showed her interests in handmade cardigans. Nope, she didn’t say she wanted to make it herself, instead she hinted that it would be nice to have a handmade black cardigan she could wear to the church.

I told her that I don’t use black yarn much. I usually use black yarn to make dolls because black yarn is a little bit difficult to work with. Especially the bit when I have to count stitches. Plus, sometimes it is difficult to see motifs in black yarn…

I don’t know…


So I found this pattern from Ravelry — I don’t have to remind you again of how I love that site.

The pattern has lacy motif, so it will be airy enough to be worn in a warm place like Indonesia. And short sleeve too, as requested by her. On paper, this is going to be a good project, but something is not right… I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

Oh well… wish me luck for my new WIP.

x ❤ x


12 thoughts on “Working With Black

  1. I do not like working with black yarn at all (even though I’ve made mohair and worsted sweaters in it) because I just can’t see the patterns at night. So that means once the sun goes down I can’t work on the project. Anymore I steer clear of black. Good luck!

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    • Thank you, Olivia ❤ Black and mohair… I did a project with that — once, and now it ends up as a UFO :p Maybe one day I will touch the thing again, but not now.. not today 😦

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  2. I do not love working with black. I’m learning to pair it with simple bamboo needles or something with lots of contrast….I’m sure this will work out just lovely in the end. It’s not quite that bad, until your eyes really start going….(thankfully mine haven’t yet).

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