Happy New Year 2017

Hello you, and you, and you šŸ™‚

Yes, you can see how cheerful I am today. Not only because this is the first day of 2017, but also that I have these:

That’s my new year sorted.

I know… I really wish next year I could be more classy than beer and twiglet kind of person. But, seriously, I couldn’t see what’s wrong with twiglet and beer while watching Tarantino’s film?

Alright, I am going to present you the first WIP of 2017 too.

There you go. It is going to be a cardigan for my little sister. This is my first time ever to work with 4ply wool, and it does feel like it takes forever and ever and ever to get to 5 cm rib — and you know how I feel about rib.

Have a wonderful year, you all… and I will see you soon.

x ā¤ x


15 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017

  1. Happy New Year. I sat with football and knitting and was in heaven for New Year’s. Also I made two hats with that Snuggly yarn and it makes a soft hat but beware, it tangles at the end of the skein and takes forever to untangle. (Like the “old Lady” in Madagascar flick) good luck on the sweater. I’m almost done with mine, but it is only size 2T. I need to get back to socks! šŸ‘£

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    • Oohh… I finished my first ball of yarn and didn’t find tangles :O I must be very lucky to get the well behaved ball šŸ™‚ I miss making socks too, maybe once this cardigan is done, I can start making more socks. baby socks probably?

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  2. Well I don’t know what Twiglet’s are and I’m a more tea and cookies kind of girl so no judgement here. I love the yarn you are using can’t wait to see you have more done with it to know how it’s all going to look. And happy new year to you too.

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  3. Happy New year! I don’t know what a Twiglet is, but it’s your New Year and you can enjoy what you want šŸ˜‰ Congrats on the new start. I know you will be done in no time. You are a quick knitter. I definitely know what you mean about ribbing…back and forth, back and forth, LOL. You will get through it.

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