That One Thing About Stockinette Stitch…

This new WIP is basically a very simple cardigan with stockinette (or stocking) stitch. I like stockinette stitch, because it is something that I could do while watching telly. You don’t need to keep looking at your work, as you do not need to keep counting stitches to keep a lace or cable pattern.


But that’s also the problem with stockinette stitch. As it could be quite mindless, it could get a bit boring before the shaping (neck or sleeves) needs to be done. And, I have to say, that I am on that bit of the project now…

Oh well…

But… looking at the positive side. The wool is very very soft. And since it is a 4ply instead of a DK –that I usually use, it is also much lighter and I think it would be mor suitable for my sister in Indonesia where it is much warmer than here in the UK.


I bought the wool when they were on sale on my local Hobbycraft. They were £10 for 10 balls — which I think is a huge bargain, especially for this brand and quality. But it was about two years ago, I wonder if they would do it again this year?

So much for new year wish?


7 thoughts on “That One Thing About Stockinette Stitch…

  1. Hey, Hobbycraft has this sale again. They had some lovely skeins to choose from when I was there yesterday. John Lewis also brought out huge baskets with reduced yarn if you were interested.

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    • No waay! Will have to drag hubby there before the sale is gone. I thought they have this sale closer to summertime (when it was too hot to knit) lol. Thank you for the info, Rudylisky ❤


  2. I love how it is turning out, I forget who you are making it for but I’m sure they will love it. I understand what you mean about getting bored with all the mindlessness of the stitches. I feel that way about my blanket that I am knitting and still do since I’ve been working on it for five years and it’s not done. But then again I haven’t worked on it in about a year.

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    • It’s for my baby sister. Yeah, I thought of making a blanket too, but i don’t think I can commit on making something that big yet. I mean, throw and sofa blanket is fine, but a proper double size blanket… maybe next year lol x

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