How About WIP?

Yes 😦 I guess you realised how much I have been trying not to talk about the WIPs. I have to admit that it has been an embarrassingly slow progress with the knitting WIP. I am still on the same cardigan I am trying to make for my sister.

I did bring this project to Indonesia. But I was too busy playing with my little niece, and eating all those nice food, so I kind of neglected the project altogether when I was there.

img_28701 img_28691

On the bright side, the jacket and the dress I made for my niece fits 😀 She wore the pink one for CNY, and the white one for her baptism ceremony. Out of curiosity, is there any difference between baptism and christening?

The knitting WIP itself, is so far has reached the sleeves bit. One of them. While the body parts are waiting, dangling in the stitch holders.


The other WIP, as in the cross stitch WIP. I think it is borderline UFO now 😦 I am trying to get back to it soon, but I need more time 😦 Wish me luck guys…

x ❤ x


8 thoughts on “How About WIP?

  1. tonymarkp says:

    In everyday use, the words “baptism” and “christening” are used as synonyms. If you want to get all philosophical and technical about their meanings you can read about it and then you’ll discover why no one cares about the actual difference: babies are now often named before the baptism and even though the parents have to tell the priest the baby’s name (actual “christening” moment, the “baptism” moment is the water on the head part) no one thinks about that anymore because babies’ names are decided long before the ritual. Your sweater is looking very nice. So glad your niece fits into the knitted gift you made for her!

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