Bind off… Sewing… Finally…

Oh My Goodness…

Finally the last piece of the cardigan is done. Last binding off, and then I can move on to sewing this thing together.


I learned something new too πŸ™‚ Three needles bind off! Yes, believe it or not, I have never tried to do this kind of thing before. I watched the tutorial on youtube and it was dead easy. I don’t know why I always tried to avoid this thing before… maybe because of the leaving the pieces on stitch holders.

It is very easy, and the end result is very neat too. It doesn’t look or feel bulky once it’s done, but I still think that mattress stitch is my favourite for finishing up. It does look seamless and neat, although the downside is… it took longer time, and it needs more focus when doing it.

Anyway… Almost done! Hopefully next week I will have moved on to the new WIP.

x ❀ x


7 thoughts on “Bind off… Sewing… Finally…

    • Thank you Ginny… The 3 needles bind off is not as fiddly as it looked originally. But nevertheless, it feels adventurous for me just for doing it πŸ˜€


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