Finishing up…

I used to be that knitter who thinks that once sewing up the pieces, and stitching in extra yarn is done, then it’s completely done. But, as I blogged in here, and I met a lot of more experienced knitters, I realised that it is not the case.

I think that in many many ways, this blog has helped me stepping out from my comfort zone, and learning new things. And at the same time, of course, meeting or having the chance to know wonderful knitters, crocheters, and stitchers from all around the world. How awesome is that?

So, yes… I learned that finishing a piece is not done until you block them (especially when the pattern said it needs to be done). AND, blocking is now not as daunting as it was before.

Anyway… I am blocking this piece now. It is no longer a WIP, but officially I announce that I have a new FO. This is definitely bigger than my size, and I really hope it will fit my sister, and that she likes it. If she doesn’t… well… I have another sister, a mum, and a grandmother who might want this 😀


x ❤ x


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