Out of Love

I am not sure whether it is the pattern, or the yarn… or just the weather. But I couldn’t find my knitting bugs anywhere the past couple months. It is so difficult to pick up those needles, and doing what I always did… knit something pretty and actually enjoying it.

The last project… I fell out of love with it. The finished front piece looked awkward, and seems too short for my liking. I didn’t enjoy the so called challenge as much as I thought I would do, and I don’t find it challenging at all.

I thought, if I am not going to wear it anyway, and I know that none of my sisters would want it… why bother making it at all? So… yeah. The project is now a UFO. I am planning on unravelling it later, and possibly reuse the yarn for something that I enjoy making.

That being said… I’ve started a new project. Hopefully this one will pick up better, and that I will find my knitting bugs again. I really do miss sitting, watching BBC news while knitting a nice stuff.

And I do miss writing, and sharing stuff in here too.

So, hopefully spring will bring better mood both for knitting and writing. And i will see you soon.

x ❤ x


4 thoughts on “Out of Love

  1. Same happened to me on my last project, too big, wonky, not fun anymore. I ripped out the piece I was working on and then just knitted the smaller size, one size down needle. It is turning out beautifulfuly. I’m so glad I decided to move on early. And I realized I don’t WANT to rip it out and tangle all the yarn, I just started knitting right off the piece. No tangles! Genius! It will be on my next post along with the newborn sweater made in Paris during my vacation 🎀

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    • LOL.. that’s exactly what I did every time I repurpose/ recycling unwanted WIP. the yarn wouldn’t be as smooth though, but once the piece is blocked, nobody could see the difference…xx

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