WIP Weekender…

Okay… I have to admit that picking up a title for a post is getting more and more difficult. Of course I can always use “WIP update” or something generic like that, but I don’t like using it too much. It sounds so… meh. How do you creative people make up titles for your posts anyway? Tell me tell me tell me…

Anyway… Weekend! Again! This time it is this wonderful Bank Holiday weekend… apparently. Usually… there are two things that might happen in holidays and weekends: 1. You have a lot of activities — going to the city, shopping, dining out, or even getting a day trip to nearby historical towns. Or 2. The plan is to do as little as possible, and only move from your sofa when it is needed — and knit all day and all night, while having this crime drama on the telly.

Of course you can always have something else in between, like having fun in the allotment plot when the weather is less crappy, or banning husband from the kitchen while baking some awesomeness in the kitchen. Or combination of everything…

But I am glad that I have time to blob in the sofa for a long time and knit without any husbandly intervention. It does feel like a holiday when I slouch, and knit, and every now and then there is a husband approaching and offering some hot drinks. Gosh! Luxury…

Look what spoiling can do to the progression of a WIP…

x ❤ x


8 thoughts on “WIP Weekender…

  1. Your knitting is looking lovely! What a great way to spend your holiday. And a husband bringing you drinks…awesome!! I do know exactly what you mean about trying to come up with more and more catchy titles. It is getting difficult for me, too. But no matter. The content is what we are going for, right?

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    • I know, Ginny… I think he is a keeper ❤ I am so glad that I am not the only one having problems in making up titles. Still feel jealous to those who can do catchy titles though 😀


  2. I like your title WIP Weekender. It certainly describes your post! I teach English at a community college and I typically recommend students use a descriptive title or something that draws readers in. Sometimes I find a title by revising a phrase I know. For example, I may have “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my” from The Wizard of Oz in my mind and I might use a title, “WIPs, UFO’s and baby blankets, oh my” or something like that. I hope others show you how they create titles because I am curious too!

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    • Hmm… I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, but I don’t think I have enough references (or references that is popular enough to make it recognisable by most readers) to do things like that… But yeah, that’s something I can definitely do 🙂


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