WIP Progress…

Since I haven’t yet learned how to make an interesting title for my blog post, I am afraid you will have to put up with the generic one — like this one. Yes, of course there’s nothing wrong with a generic title like this, but I kind of think that if the title says everything, it feels like spoiling the whole blog post.

Oh well…

Like I said, the title is pretty much self-explanatory.

I have to say that I like this pattern very much, but if I am not careful I would end up with hundreds of these, and then going to have a big problem finding anyone who would need the jackets. I think this is going to be the last one for a while, at least until mum or my sisters ask me to make more of these.

As the others before, it progressed really quickly. Just like what I suspected before, once I am used to the heart lace pattern, it gets much quicker. I could even do this while watching Miss Marple — and pretended that I am knitting with her while trying to solve a murder mystery.

I am going to have another FO really really soon. I really hope that the button will have arrived by then 😦

x ❤ x


8 thoughts on “WIP Progress…

  1. tonymarkp says:

    “WIP Progress…” I would say that your title is accurate and reflects your command of English (I teach English and I’m also trained as an examiner for Cambridge English certificates in Speaking and Writing, also ACTFL trained for speaking and writing, because I used to teach Spanish). Let’s break this down. “WIP Progress” is appropriate as a title because you have reported on progress you have made on your WIP. So far so good. You added an ellipsis (…) to the end of your title because you had more to say that could not be summarized in the title. In your post you explained that part (or as the British say, that “bit”). You have given your blog post an accurate title that reflects the content. You illustrated your WIP progress and talked about other things. The English police approve! I mean seriously, let’s say you had a title like “Pink Tulips.” That would have been a total fail, given that you did not in any part of your post discuss pink tulips. Although I think maybe I’ve come up with an idea to turn blogging into a sort of anarchy that makes fun of blogging. Or haven’t I? Hee hee hee. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll see a “creative” title from me called “Elbow” in which I do not ever mention elbows.

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    • Hahaha… Thank you Tony. Getting an approval from an English teacher has always been my favourite thing since I was at school, so I do appreciate yours a lot.
      I would find it both amusing but slightly disappointing when reading something that has nothing to do with the title, but it would be annoying and confusing when I cannot find the correlation between a movie title and the plot. Maybe it’s me and my double standard…

      I realised that the tabloid has done that a lot though… Get a title that grab a lot of attention, and write nothing about it in the article. If that’s acceptable, then it should be fine with blogs too, doesn’t it? I think you should go on with that plan, Tony 😀

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      • tonymarkp says:

        Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it. A good sense of humour is always fun! So true what you say. There are so many titles that have nothing to do with the content or are just arbitrary words.

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  2. “Generic” or perhaps standard titles work fine. They don’t mislead. However, if you truly want a catchier title, perhaps pick up on a feature of the project and work it into song lines or just a pun. I can’t think of any right now myself, of course-but maybe lacy heart jacket or focus on the type of yarn…just suggestions. Otherwise, standard titles convey what you mean quite well;-).

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    • Yes, I thought standard titles should be the norm… But I found out many people are very creative in making titles, and I am being an envious crybaby 😀 I can try to make puns, but I have to say I am horrible at it. Every time I tried to do it, my husband would roll his eyes so far back, he could see his own brain…

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