Crochet, Coffee, and Choo Choo Train…

Time off… 

I am off for a trip to Edinburgh, so had to leave my knitting WIP at home. The project is to big to be carried around. 


Tadaa! Crochet project is easier to handle while travelling. I have to carry scissors everywhere though. I’ll think about that particular problem a bit later.

As my husband says… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Did i misquote? 


4 thoughts on “Crochet, Coffee, and Choo Choo Train…

  1. I have carried a pair of scissors all over in my travels! On the plane to Paris, and back to the US, plane to Miami, plane to Texas, and back to Miami. No one has said a thing. (That’s not counting the 4 road trips, but who’s counting?!) 😂

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    • I’ve got my scissors confiscated on the airport twice now 😦 But my scissors are still with me now, as it is apparently fine to be used on the train 😀

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