Oh, Bugger!

There are several reasons why I haven’t been around, and for all reasons, I apologise.

I was on a holiday to Hungary a couple of weeks ago with my DH, that is definitely one reason. We were attending one of our friends’ wedding there, and it was my second reason. How?


We went to Budapest for a holiday 😀 

See, I thought it would be nice if I could make something for my friend and his wife, that is handmade and personalised. So, I went on a secret WIP, something that I don’t share here, just in case he saw it and found out what I was about to give to him before I actually gave it to him.

I am not good at keeping a surprise, so I thought keeping myself away from the blog is a better idea than slipping out and telling people about the secret WIP. I thought, it would be better if I share it AFTER I gave it to my friend, so it wouldn’t ruin any surprise. However, I have done one unforgivable mistake 😦

I forgot to take photos of my secret WIP 😦

So, all I can do now is telling you that I made a couple of bear amigurumis for them. Yea… anticlimactic isn’t it? Now since I am back, I might go back to my WIPs, who knows in a couple of weeks I will have an FO…



9 thoughts on “Oh, Bugger!

  1. I”ve missed you, Bored Piggy! I think bear amigurumis sound very cute. Did you make a bride and groom or in different colors or anything? I guess I”m assuming the amigurumi bears were to represent the married couple, but maybe I’m incorrect.

    Imagine you are someone who never left the country you were born in (like me). What is Hungary like?

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    • Aaaw… thank you, Peace 🙂

      I made a crochet wedding dress for the bride bear and a bowler hat for the groom bear 😀
      Hungary was incredible, I wish I stayed longer there, but holiday was soon to be over so we had to go back home. xx


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