This Picky Knitter Doesn’t Like Picking!

I love knitting. We all do. I mean, what would you do sitting down in front of the telly during weekdays while watching a rerun of NCIS? Knitting, obviously! But I have to say that there are some steps when I am knitting a piece of clothing, that I wish I could just skip.


Sewing up is not too painful anymore


Several years ago, that would be sewing up and blocking. Nowadays, I deal with sewing up better. I could do mattress stitch relatively faster than I did a couple of years ago, and definitely much neater too. Blocking is not so much a big chore either because after I pin the piece somewhere flat, I can just leave it there and kind of forget about it overnight. No biggie.

BUT… as I learn more about knitting, learn more new tricks and techniques, and knit more, I realised that doing complicated thing is not the bit that I don’t like. Like Kitchener stitch, or three needles bind off — for examples, they are very useful and neat way of finishing, and I love it. It is the small, monotonic step that I wish I could just avoid, such as picking and knitting along the front and neck to make button and neck band.





And then doing 1×1 ribbing!

My goodness that takes forever. So is my WIP… unfortunately…

x ā¤ x


8 thoughts on “This Picky Knitter Doesn’t Like Picking!

  1. Oooo! That sweater looks like mint chip ice cream! Can’t wait to see it. As far as picking up stitches, I no loner pick up & knit. I take a smaller needle and weave it through the edge number of stitches needed (the way you would a blocking wire) and then knit off the new needle. It feels less fiddly.

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  2. tonymarkp says:

    I don’t mind picking up stitches, just as long I have pick up the exact number of stitches as there are bind off stitches, or cast on stitches, or rows, however which way I’m picking them up. I really HATE picking up around the neckline of a sweater because the number of bind off or cast on stitches along the edge is always more than the number of stitches to pick up. I get really fussy and fed up, picking them up, feeling unhappy with how it looks, undoing it, doing it again…

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  3. It’s going to be a lovely sweater. I don’t love picking up stitches either, but I made a few items that required it and got used to it. I’m still working up the nerve (and money) to work on a sweater…hence more socks. (And let’s not think about the ribbing until we get there;-). Soon, this will be a wearable object and you will be quite proud. Good work!

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    • Thank you Dragon šŸ™‚ I had to unravel it once because the band looked a bit wonky. Now I hope it is okay because I don’t fancy picking up from the start again šŸ˜¦

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