It’s a what?

I didn’t realise that I have missed this blog’s second year anniversary! I just found out that my first post was on the 7 July five minutes ago, and thought… Oh bugger…. I should have done something to congratulate myself. It’s something worth celebrating! Maybe one or two skeins of nice fluffy wool…


One of the very first amigurumi I made

But I have to restrain myself now, really. Although it was totally and utterly worth every single poundsterling, the last holiday almost cleared me out completely. I need to go back to Indonesia to sort this out, and luckily I have already got the ticket and a departure date.

What do you do to celebrate your blog anniversary, though? Some people don’t take their blog as personally as I do, but I know that for some people their blog is very important. It is kind of a lifeline, the only thing that connects them to the world outside their own. Like me…


How about a walk in the fine city of Norwich?

I’ve been living in Norwich for years now, but staying at home and being a little bit more than slightly introvert makes me no friends. I do have friends I made when I was studying in UEA, but they’re not in Norwich anymore, and it is not the same… really. I have my wonderful sister in law, but of course not only that she works, she also has her own life and social circle to go to, so an occasional visit is probably a stretch for her too.

Oh, anyway… anniversary is not the time for whinging. I might find something nice to do at the end of the day to spoil myself cheaply. Maybe a new pattern from ravelry… considering my current WIP is in the finishing step. Who knows?

x ❤ x


6 thoughts on “Anniversary?!

  1. You are adorable and I just love reading about your knitting and life in Norwich. Like you I am alone a lot but since I’m older and my kids are grown with lives of their own I am grateful for the silence and peace. Knitting connects us like the little loops that make up a giant sweater. And of course you are the one that got me to try socks. I’m working on a pair for myself finally and the work is slow because I find fun projects to do for the kids. Congrats on your blog anniversary I would have had cake 🎂

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    • I completely agree with you, I have the opportunity to meet (although not yet in person) many wonderful people all around the world — you’re one of them 🙂 and thank you very much, Olivia 😀 And we did have cake — I made brownies for us.


  2. Do you have a local yarn store…or other type of craft shop. They sometimes hold a stitch n’ bitch(as we Americans call it) for knitters to get together on a weekly basis to chat knitting and work on their projects. After losing a childhood friend two years ago to pride and selfishness, I started considering that I needed more friends that share my interests. It takes work, but it’s been worth it so far;-). Good luck.

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    • Oh! Knit and Natter, we have a lot of those especially in Norwich. One in the small local library, one in the central library, another one in the church, and the little ones in LYS. I tried to go there once, but I felt awkward as those ladies seem to have known each other for awhile, and I was the outsider 😦

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