That Is One Cute Little Jacket!

That’s what I thought when the blue jacket is finally sewn together. I mean, it did look good on the photo on the pattern, but seeing it in person… I do really hope that the jacket fits.


I have to admit, though. Even though I am not really a big fan of sewing, and not too enthusiastic with the sewing up part of the whole knitting process… It is always wonderful to see how the magic happens as the project takes shape.

Of course, I was talking about the hoodie. I mean. I could picture how it would look like before, but when I sew it together…. it made better sense. I really like this pattern, and I was thinking of making another one like this for my niece. Maybe I could go and buy two balls of cute coloured yarn…

Until then… Another project is started 😀


I am really bad… I need to get my focus back to my green lacy top. But… but… but… sewing and snipping the excess yarn is a really boring process, and summer is almost over here in the UK anyway.

Oh… don’t ask about British Summer…. It is really weird knitting in front of the telly watching the news, and finding out that in the other part of Europe there is a massive heatwave, while I am covering up in a blanket. And some people believe that global warming is not real?


How’s your Monday been?

x ❤ x