WIP, Weekend, and Mini Achievement

Whoa… it’s a weekend again? How’s your weekend?

People in the US, the Caribbean, Asia, Mexico, Sierra Leone… Everybody. I hope you are all safe out there. It has been a tough week, but hopefully it will pass soon.


My weekend? Well.. not quite as productive as I expect it to be, but I managed to work on my WIP, and a mini achievement.

I think this is my first time I knit outdoor. I was super conscious about it, and wonder if people would start staring. However, I think because knitting is quite a British thing anyway, people didn’t bat an eyelid seeing someone knitting in public. How wonderful. Maybe when the weather is getting better, I would do that again.


For an achievement… I finally completed my German course in Duolingo. Now, I know how to make a simple sentence in German. But does it mean I can start conversing with a native speaker? I doubt it. This course is great if you want to start learning the basic. In the end of the course you would know how to make a sentence, ask for a cuppa, and thank people when they show your way back to your hotel if you get lost in Berlin. BUT, you wouldn’t have enough vocabulary even to translate “Thumbelina” — not kidding, I tried.

Nevertheless, it was still an achievement. So, here we go… *clears throat*

“wenn ihr Deutscher seid, oder Deutschsprechen leute, und ihr würdet gern mir helfen zu lernen — bitte”

How’s that?

x ❤ x


11 thoughts on “WIP, Weekend, and Mini Achievement

  1. Spent the weekend packing after flying back from Texas. Our place in Miami was in the middle of hurricane Irma so we were worried. We still have no idea if it’s ok, I’m in Massachusetts packing away for our move in 10 days. I did knitmanlittle on a new shawl. Not pictures yet though. Stressful week.

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    • I am just glad you are safe, Olivia. I saw on telly that hurricane Irma has slowly but surely passed and now has its status downgraded to tropical storm now. Hopefully everything there is safe too. Glad to hear from you Olivia.. and hopefully knitting can distract you a little from this. Keep safe. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • No, and no. All I’ve done for 2 weeks is pack my life into boxes. Maybe the reason we hate moving is we have to go over so many parts of our lives we have conveniently tucked away and moving brings them back to the surface like bad pennies. And now, because two hurricanes in 2 of our places is not enough, another one’s (Jose) headed right smack for me during our Moving into Storage Day. That’s right, wet boxes and water stained furniture. And we have 5 days between house closings and cannot move directly into our new place. All the while an unwanted guest, Jose, seems to be shoving his presence in the middle of it. I do look at my knitting bag occasionally but I can’t bring myself to pick it up with unpacked cardboard boxes glaring at me smugly. I suppos I’ll laugh when it’s all over but it will take years. And we still have no power in our Miami apartment, which I’m sure smells ripe (the fridge) and has a nice green fuzzy layer of mold coating all my furniture and books. At least my daughter’s place we moved her into in Texas didn’t flood. It will be bliss to sit and knit…maybe this winter (during the nor’easter I’m sure is headed my way) lol.

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  2. Rachel says:

    Maybe it’s because I joined a knitting and crochet meet-up as soon as I started learning, but knitting and crocheting in public has never made me nervous or self-conscious. I’ve had people look at me curiously a few times, but it doesn’t really bother me. When people ask about it, they’re always really kind so I’ve never had a negative experience from it. It feels kind of nice to crochet or knit outside of your home, especially in a cafe or something with a delicious hot tea. It makes me feel super productive so I get a lot more done, ha ha. 🙂

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    • That makes sense… I think I should start going to a knit and natter group. I have to say, when I see anyone knit or crochet in public they look really cool, but when I do it myself, I felt like a complete noob 😦


  3. I’ve noticed something odd about crafting in public. I’ll crochet literally anywhere, in cafes, on the train, at my book group, but last week when I went to get some knitting out of my bag I felt really self-conscious. I can’t work out why knitting in public seemed so noteworthy compared to crochet

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