Knitting with Two Strands

I stumbled upon one really cute Rowan jumper pattern. I rarely found a jumper pattern which have a wide neckline like this one. But there are two problems with this particular pattern: 1. I don’t have rowan yarns — they are waaaay out of my budget. 2. The pattern calls for that yarn to be used “double”.

Now… I know that it is not unusual thing, but I have never knit with two yarns at the same time. I mean, I know how to use it interchangeably while doing colourwork, but it is not the same though.

I remembered when I was young my mum used double yarn to crochet, and I tried it too and it is just the same. I thought… maybe it is the same with knitting. After all, I have done a project with this yarn… which is basically two yarn twisted together. And I quite like the result.


However… Back to the jumper I would like to make. I don’t have the yarn which has the gauge mentioned in the pattern. It was either too short or too long, or too narrow or to wide. Then I thought, maybe it is the fact that the yarn was doubled so it created a unique gauge. I guessed that if I could find a yarn thin enough to bulk up the 4ply yarn I had, I could make up the correct gauge asked in the pattern.

So I browse my stash and found this… thing that I swore I would never touch again.

Now… some background story.


Long time ago, I bought lots of yarn from iceyarn. Being a noob, I thought because it looks pretty, it will make pretty stuff. This particular yarn, for example… in paper it would make a wonderful garment. As the strand is thicker in one place and thinner in another, it would automatically give a pattern while I knit it in stst.

In reality… not so much. I made a rectangular shawl with it, and it looked hideous. Not mentioning that it is horrible to knit with.


So the remainder of the yarn was in my stash… Not sure why I haven’t donated it already. Maybe the good side of me though I should never put anyone else through the misery I had with this yarn.

Ah… anyway.

I started my experiment. Making swatch this time was a bit more interesting than usual as both yarns kept tangling every now and then. However I have to say that it does make a nice freckle pattern in a stst, and I can imagine it would look really pretty in a jumper.


I did have to change the needle to 0.25 mm smaller, but in the end the gauge was bang on. Ha! Looks like we have another WIP on.

x ❤ x


17 thoughts on “Knitting with Two Strands

  1. I have to say you are quite clever. However I sort of liked the shop with the thin and thick places I thought it was very interesting and would’ve like to see it completed. But. What you’re doing now is amazing!


  2. I hate pull skeins. They are a tool of the Devil and invariably end up in a great tangle of yarn barf about 3/4 of the way through a project, so I always wind the yarn into a ball before I even start a project and put the ball in a bowl to knit with. I am a fast knitter and the ball unrolls smoothly as I knit. That said, try rolling the skeins into balls and getting two bowls, one for each ball. That will keep them from tangling as you knit. Another thing you could try is knotting the ends of each skein together and rolling them both into a single ball. (or winding them into a center-pull cake, if you like your yarn in cakes.) To me the hardest part of knitting with two strands of yarn at a time is making sure you catch both strands with your needle as you knit each stitch.

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    • oh.. I saw those specialised bowl for balls in Etsy, and they’re so cute (and expensive). I am still a slow knitter, but I do have the same problem with you with knitting two strands at a time… especially when i purl… somehow i kept missing one yarn when purling. Grr…


  3. A long time ago I got some fuzzy lace-weight yarn because I thought it would do well in some of my miniatures. Wrong. It was awful to work with in tiny needles. I didn’t toss it but shoved it to the back of my stash. Fast forward a few years and I was gifted with three BOXES of yarn including several skeins of the same yarn in a gradient colorway. Ugh! Then it occurred to me to knit it with two strands together (making use of the gradient being “off” between the two strands) on much larger needles. It worked beautifully and I made a hat and scarf. This is precisely why I have trouble throwing out yarn. I’m glad you figured out a project for it!

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  4. Yay for finding a use for that yarn! I bet you’re glad you kept it now 🙂
    I’ve just started my first ever knitting with two threads held together, and it really seems to help if you wind them into centre-pull balls. That way they just sit still as the yarn comes out of the centre, rather than rolling all over the floor and getting tangled together.

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