Which One is Better?

It is always great when you have an FO, especially during weekends. It does make you feel like you have achieved something while doing nothing.

Previous FOs waiting for buttons

Unfortunately the buttons I have been waiting for haven’t arrived yet. So now I end up with three very cute lacy baby cardigans, without buttons 😦 Oh well… not much I can do about it. I’ve been thinking of doing something else after this, at least until the buttons have arrived.

Talking about FOs… I do really like the white cardigan. I think I like it more than the yellow one. What do you think? Which one is better?

Steady On!

I quite like it when the project just goes smoothly. Which means no frogging, nor pretending not to notice that I have accidentally skipped one yarn over in row 14 — or trying to convince myself that every tiny mistakes in handmade stuff is what makes it unique. Yes… that defines a good day for me.

In those kind of day, I would end up with FO, or at least something that resembles an FO.

I would love to call this an FO, mainly because I have done all the important things. I have knitted all the pieces, and sewn them all together. I have tidied up the loose dangling yarn, and it actually look finished for me. Problem is…

It doesn’t have buttons too!

I have ordered buttons for the previous almost-FO, but the buttons haven’t arrived yet. Now, I have two almost-FOs, waiting to be buttoned up. Of course, I am not going to let the buttons situation ruins my day… I don’t think you would let that either. Instead… I am starting another WIP…

Don’t you think this heart lace pattern looks good with white wool?

x ❤ x


Uhm… Nope!

Girls (and guys), I did try to love this project. But, unlike some of the better project I have made, I couldn’t fall in love with this project.


Yes, Ladies (and gentlemen), I was talking about the cardigan for my mum.

I am not sure if it is the colour that put me off, or if it is the pattern. But, I have gone as far as finishing the right front part, but the piece just didn’t seem right. The shape was wrong, the motif was wrong, and I just couldn’t see how it would be finished properly.


Oh, you know where i am going with this. There will only be two options for this: letting this go… *sci fi music illustration in the background* UFO, or… *horror music illustration in the background* frog it.

I can’t remember the last time I had to frog my work, as I don’t usually end up with horrible pattern. The last time it happened to me with the baby jacket I found out that I just misread the instruction, therefore I didn’t frog it. This time, it didn’t matter how many times I re-read the instruction or redoing the part I thought wasn’t make sense… it just didn’t work 😦


So, frog I did… and the quest to find a new pattern for my mum has begun (again)…

Oh well…

x ❤ x

WIP: Baby Blue!

One thing that is still keeping me excited is that the fact that I am going to be an aunt soon. My sister’s pregnancy is already seven month old — I know that lots of people count the weeks, but somehow I can’t remember how many weeks she’s now. Anyway..


baby jacket pattern is so small. When I casted on, i thought… “that’s all?”

It makes me want to knit more stuff for my soon to be born niece.

I found a really pretty newborn jacket pattern free from Rowan website. The pattern is called “Elly“. However, since I realised I would be back in Indonesia about a month or two after the baby is born, I think making a newborn jacket wouldn’t be wise. So, I made the bigger size so the baby would still be able to wear it.

My… babies are small, aren’t they? It’s so quick to make…


And suddenly it’s binding off time…

Can’t wait to finish the project…

x ❤ x


FO: Pink Baby Jacket

This jacket finished much quicker than I thought it would take. Well, given that it is incredibly tiny, and that it was mainly stockinette stitch and k1p1 ribbing, I can’t see any reason why it should take longer than it did.



Aren’t they the cutest?

It is really tiny though, I am not sure if it fits anything else than a doll. However, I have never hold a newborn baby before, maybe newborn baby is really that small.

The pattern was really straightforward and it was really easy to follow although it was clearly have been translated from other language. I had a slight confusion with sks, which is actually ssk in UK English abbreviation. But that’s probably it.

Best thing about it is that it is wonderfully seamless, so the only time I used my needles is to sew in the extra tail of yarn.

Hopefully my sister loves it, and that it actually fits the baby. Fingers crossed…

x ❤ x

I Have To Say I Am Glad This Is Done…

This cardigan project, I mean.

It has been a little bit troublesome since the first time I make this cardigan, and only now that I realise that it seems that it is going to be slightly too small for me. Is it time for me to go on a diet? Well… I do need to shed some pounds anyway.


So yeah. When I was making these sleeves, I knew that it the jacket is too small for me. So, I did knit these halfheartedly. I fell out of love. And, of course, again, I found some problems with the pattern.

I know that I should have read the whole pattern first before casting on. Remind me again next time that I have to read the pattern before starting a project. This one is a mistake. But hey, making mistakes is a part of learning, isn’t it? And… it gives me a chance to try on the new techniques Laura from keepingupwithlaura. The Lifeline.


It helped me a lot when I had to (again) unravel billions rows. It saved a lot of time picking up, and saved me from dropping stitches. Thank you 🙂

Well. Now that I am done with the knitting bits, I am… blocking it. You know what? I’ve learned how to block from someone who came to this guest too. See, it is great to have a blog like this. I have got a lot of people coming and generously advising me with knitting tips. I hope one day I would be able to be as great as these people that I could share my expertise to fellow knitters and crocheters.



I’ll be back when the blocking is done, and lets hope it is not too small for me. *fingers crossed*

x ❤ x

Pick Up And Go…

But, that’s what you do, isn’t it?

After ripping out some rows, I think what one could do is to pick up the stitches and go on knitting again. It’s just… like life — if you want to be philosophical. Sometimes things go wrong, and unravel, and it is all over the place. Then you have to pick them up, slowly to avoid mistakes…

Ah… I should stop talking nonsense, and go back to what I know better.


Stockinette stitch.

There is one thing that I like about the pattern. Well… besides the pattern itself. I like the fact that it is seamless. And, you know what it means? Less stitching.

Although I am getting better at it, I still don’t find the activity exciting.


And… done! This particular piece did take some time to finish, but I am happy that at least the front and back is done at once. There’s one thing that I am a bit concerned about: I think I chose the wrong size. I think it is slightly too small for me. Oh well.. I better finish it anyway, and if it is too small, I could gift it to someone skinny 😀

Now, it is time to make the sleeves. Well… I am planning on making both sleeves at the same time. Have done it before, and I believe it is just the best way to avoid the second sleeve syndrome (if such thing exists).

Happy Knitting…

x ❤ x