It’s a what?

I didn’t realise that I have missed this blog’s second year anniversary! I just found out that my first post was on the 7 July five minutes ago, and thought… Oh bugger…. I should have done something to congratulate myself. It’s something worth celebrating! Maybe one or two skeins of nice fluffy wool…


One of the very first amigurumi I made

But I have to restrain myself now, really. Although it was totally and utterly worth every single poundsterling, the last holiday almost cleared me out completely. I need to go back to Indonesia to sort this out, and luckily I have already got the ticket and a departure date.

What do you do to celebrate your blog anniversary, though? Some people don’t take their blog as personally as I do, but I know that for some people their blog is very important. It is kind of a lifeline, the only thing that connects them to the world outside their own. Like me…


How about a walk in the fine city of Norwich?

I’ve been living in Norwich for years now, but staying at home and being a little bit more than slightly introvert makes me no friends. I do have friends I made when I was studying in UEA, but they’re not in Norwich anymore, and it is not the same… really. I have my wonderful sister in law, but of course not only that she works, she also has her own life and social circle to go to, so an occasional visit is probably a stretch for her too.

Oh, anyway… anniversary is not the time for whinging. I might find something nice to do at the end of the day to spoil myself cheaply. Maybe a new pattern from ravelry… considering my current WIP is in the finishing step. Who knows?

x ❤ x


Relationship Goal

It was my wedding anniversary! Again! Just like last year…

It wasn’t how I imagined, or wanted it to be though. The food didn’t come out right. I was not feeling well… And, hubby was incredibly grumpy because of work related issues.

Not that I wanted a lavish celebration or something like that. We are not used to celebrating things anyway. But I was thinking of making something for us yesterday. DIdn’t happen. Oh well…

But at least one thing came out okay:


Mickey and Minnie gingerbread biscuit…

PS. Do you know that Mickey and Minnie have been together since 1930’s? Well that’s your new relationship goal, isn’t it?

x ❤ x

It Means… Food!

Horrible flight, finally arrived at my hometown. Mum set up a small welcome celebration… It means FOOD!

img_2520 img_2475

Going to visit my friend in Malaysia, and at the same time having a long awaited holiday there. She thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce me to the local culture. It means… FOOD!!

img_2590 img_2596 img_2654 img_2593

Coming home from Malaysia with a feverish cold, and my aunt thinks the only way to get me recovered from this is by giving me a good nutrition. It means… FOOD!!


Chinese New Year is coming. And in the CNY Eve, the whole family gathered in my aunt’s home. We had fun and celebration. It means… MORE FOOD!!


The next day, the CNY day… gave red envelopes to little nieces and nephews. More people coming, and now wishing each other health, happiness, and abundance. I know what is abundant… FOOD!!


Seriously, I haven’t gone to see my scale now. I don’t dare to look at the current number lol. But meh… who cares? Not me. Not now.

x ❤ x

Chinese New Year 2017

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for the warm New Year wishes. I apologise once again because it seems as if I have abandoned this blog for far too long. Like I said on the earlier post, I am still in Indonesia, and — surrounded by friends and family — it is hard to find an alone time where I could sit down and write.

But here I am…

The year of rooster...

The year of rooster…

Chinese New Year in Indonesia used to be banned before 1998, as the Chinese Indonesian has been repressed by the New Order regime, under our former president Soeharto. My parents told me that for more than 30 years they were not allowed to celebrate Lunar New Year — which means they could not celebrate their own tradition.

Since the Chinese New Year is now no longer banned, it seems like the Chinese Indonesian have appreciated this celebration more, and no longer taking it for granted. In Solo, for example, we decorated our little “Chinatown” with hundreds and hundreds of red lanterns.

The crowds, and the lanterns...

The crowds, and the lanterns…

I have to admit that this year was the first time I went to see the lanterns, although they have been doing this for the past few years now.

People from all around Indonesia came to see this too, and every year more and more crowds gather in this place to enjoy the night view. IF you happened to be in Indonesia or Solo in particular during the Lunar New Year, try to come and see… Not only to see the lantern, but there are also a lot of street food to try too.

Nightime is when the party starts...

Nightime is when the party starts…

Anyway… I am not going to talk about food now, because… really, it would take a whole new entry to talk about CNY food 😀

One Year Already?

Wait… what? Another celebration?

When I decided to celebrate my 100th post, I didn’t realise that this blog is only few days away from its anniversary. First anniversary, even.

Can you believe that?

I could, but barely. It’s only when I checked on my first ever post, saw the date on it, then I realised, “Oh yeah… It’s been a year now”.

first time trying mattress stitch

first time trying mattress stitch

On my first anniversary, I tried to remember what other “first” things I have done here. My first time ever knitting two sleeves at the same time. My first time blocking the piece before sewing it up. Even… my first ever award.


first pair of socks…

It feels amazing to be able to look back and realised how much I have learned with this blog. So… I know… I know it is probably too early for you to have a tipple, but as usual, you could do whatever you have in your mug — Americano or Irish Coffee, English Breakfast or O-cha..

Cheers! For the good year, and more to come…

x ❤ x

My 100th Post! Yay!


I have been blogging here for almost one year now, and I can’t believe that this is my 100th post already. I know I am not the most active blogger in the world, so hitting this milestone is quite something for me.

I would like to celebrate this with something. Maybe buying myself something nice — more yarn, more cross stitch kits, or probably even lots of cooking books. But I couldn’t. I keep being reminded that in few months, I might not be able to stay in this country because of this thing going on in Britain right now.

Buying things wouldn’t be… wise.

But not being able to celebrate doesn’t mean that this milestone doesn’t cheer me up. It does cheer me up. It makes me feel that at least I have achieved something, and I am glad I did.

So… I would like to thank my fellow bloggers here. It is not a glamorous thing, but I am inviting you to celebrate this with me (separately, in your own home, in front of your own computer or tablet or phone). I propose a toast…

*lifts wine glass* (but if you don’t drink alcohol, tea or any kind of beverage would do too)

For my fellow bloggers, my fellow wordsmiths. My knitting, crocheting, and stitching buddies. My inspirations, and my comrade in crafting, cooking, and gardening. We gather separately here and there to celebrate a milestone in the midst of uncertainty.
May the future brings more socks, jumpers, and amigurumis. With more cakes, and pastries, and the harvest from the garden. May we drink, as if we need a reason to drink, for us bloggers. Prost!

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Went On A Parade


Many knitters might have experienced this in the past. Although it seems like it is a sedentary and safe activity, knitting and stitching is actually a very dangerous hobby. I wasn’t sure — Am not sure whether it was a proper word for it, but my wrist started to feel tingly and knuckles began to feel sore. I decided to take a day off.


My husband lent me his wrist support. I am not sure that it even fits him, but it supported my wrist perfectly

As it happened, we actually had a plan to go to Norwich Pride 2015. We missed the last two prides, and I was not happy about it. So after we (I) dressed up, we go to Chapelfield garden to join the parade. Hubby wasn’t sure, but I — using the mind controlling superpower only wives have — dragged him to the parade without him even knowing what was happening.


I am not tall enough to get a better view of how packed the garden was

The parade went well. Some protesters were seen but ignored accordingly. We have dancers and Nando’s chicken to add to the festivities.


Nandos chicken was tirelessly greeting friendly people of Norwich that showed up


Samba band and dancers made everybody want to join in the groove


Even our police officers were quite happy joining the celebrations — waving their rainbow version of Norfolk Constabulary flag.

What a day… Of course we went home with a little bit more than just sore feet. Friends from Royal College of Nursing gave us rainbow bracelet and whistle.