WIP Wednesday

Wow… It’s been so long since the last time I actually say that… WIP Wednesday. I must be really bad at doing this discipline thing. Ha!


Okay… the sleeves of the hubby’s green cardigan looks better than I thought it would be. The stripes which were originally made to save the green yarn, turned out to be quite good. The blue stripes tone down the brightness of the green, and I kind of regret that I did not think of making these stripes much earlier.

It did cross my mind to redo the front pieces so that I can make the stripes, but husband said he would rather have pockets instead. Maybe I could add blue pockets later? Hm… something to think about.


My jumper looks great, and I love knitting it a lot. In no time, I have finished the back part. Not that often I could surprise myself.

I think it knits much faster than my husband’s jumper, mainly because my size is way smaller than my husband’s. I wonder if I would have a FO anytime soon…

When these are done, I would have to start to make a hoodie pullover for my teenage nephew. Do you have any good pattern for a pullover jumper? I have several jumper and hoodie patterns, but they don’t look… right. Especially the hoodie bit.

I mean, hoodies are supposed to drape around your face instead of snugging your head like a balaclava aren’t they?

x ❤ x


Ooh… WIP!

I started to like this table cloth/ curtain project, although I am a bit confused with its name. Why is it named “Puritan crochet”? I mean, what does it have anything to do with it? Anyway… it doesn’t matter. I still like it.


Well… I have to be honest, it was slightly confusing to start with because the chains kept twisting, and I am not good in keeping the tension. But after the second and the third squares things are getting a little bit more uniformed.

Now that I learned how to join squares as I go, I wonder why I didn’t learn how to do this much earlier. This reduced the extra work and the extra yarn, because I don’t have to sew it together. And best of all, it is just seamless, because the joint is not at bulky like when it is joined with needles and thread.

No.. I am serious. Look!


I think it will look even more gorgeous once I have blocked the end product.

Anyway, my sister in law came with this new project for me. I have never done this before, and I think it is quite challenging. It is a repair work for her husband’s granny square blanket. I think I have seen some youtube video about how to repair granny square blanket. Let’s see if I could save this blanket 🙂


We do have the wool for the yellow bits, but not yet for the green one. It might me a trip to wool shop to get the right colour. I know.. I know it might be much easier to make a new blanket, but I admire the sentimental value of this blanket. Apparently it was from my brother in law’s nana, as he is the Canary’s biggest fan.

Wish us luck 🙂

Crochet And Travel

I have knitted in flight before. However, since I don’t usually do small knitting projects, I found knitting while flying is a little bit fiddly. Using circular needles definitely helps, but still…


View from above could be pretty, but 12 hours can be a bit boring without something to do at hand…

Crochet though… is much easier to do when flying. It doesn’t take as much space, and somehow I feel it doesn’t need larger moving space either. I took a shawl project when I went on holiday to Turkey, and it was alright, and now I bring my Midwife Blanket to Indonesia. 

The yarn caddy was extremely helpful. I do pull the yarn from the middle of the skein though, I have never tried to use these kind of caddy while pulling the yarn from the ouside of the skein. SO, I don’t know if it could work that way. The holder makes sure that the yarn would not move about or roll over somewhere and make a lot of tangly mess.


look how small and un-threatening the scissors are…

And… mini folding scissors. Sharp objects are most of the time prohibited in flight. I know that. But it is difficult to cut an acrylic yarn, especially for someone who don’t like to use teeth for everything that needs cutting like me. So I bought this really tiny folding scissors from Amazon, and attach it to my keychain, so it is on the plain sight all the time — to make sure I wasn’t trying to disguise it or something.

It passed the check. I could bring it, and boy how it has made life so much easier.

The progress so far…


In the waiting room, waiting for the next flight…

x ❤ x

I Am Back!

Not many people knows that I was away for a couple of weeks — as I haven’t told anybody. My husband thought it wouldn’t be wise to advertise our holiday to general public — at the same time telling them that we’re not going to be at home for a while. Safety first, the self proclaimed captain paranoid always told me. I wonder if I could convince him to install some security system in our house…?

Anyway… My sister got engaged and married — I think it is cultural thing where the engagement ceremony is just a part of traditional thingy. Naturally, I want to be at home to celebrate it with my family. We’re lucky that the even coincide with my husband’s holiday from work, so we could visit Indonesia together. It’s been awhile since he had visited Indonesia.


For the wedding gift, I cross stitched a wedding sampler for my sister few weeks ago. I decided to frame it in Indonesia because it was cheaper to professionally do, and much easier to transport. And since my mum chose the frame, it looked so much better than I had expected.

But hey, I am home now. I am really tired, but I somehow I just wanted to make sure this entry is posted today. I miss this blog when I was away 🙂

Will be back soon.

x ❤ x

One Mystery is Solved

Remember the mysterious plant we were wondering about few weeks ago? Well, now since the aforementioned plant is already blooming, I can tell you what it actually is.

Although, before I tell you what it is, could you guess?



Well… a gardening enthusiast might have known it already, but for those who haven’t been able to guess what it is. This is Nigella flower.

I know. I have never seen anything so cute and colourful before either — they are blue, pink, purple, white… So wonderful. I have four pots like that, put two indoor, in the windowsill, and two outdoor in my vertical garden. The indoor plants just blooming like crazy while the ones outdoor are just… green. Don’t know why.

Anyway… There you go. One mystery solved.

x ❤ x

No Kit, What!??

There is always a first for everything. I mean, everything. Especially if you are a noob, you will have so many firsts, and they are good. Firsts means you are pushing the limit, and sailing the uncharted territories (am I using the correct expression here?). Anyway…

This time, I am going to start a new cross stitch project. The catch is: “it is not from a kit”.


Some people might react with “so what?”. For me it is something new. And “new” is terrifying. With kits you have your thread organised, you don’t go looking for different colour, and most of all you don’t need to provide your own materials. Basically when you do kits, you don’t need to worry about the supplies — they do it for you.

The pattern is from a magazine I bought from charity shop. I love charity shop hopping, as not only the money will go for a good cause, and it is one of the most wonderful way to recycle unwanted stuff, it is also a great source for bargain stuff.

It was lovely pattern, and I thought if I could finish it before the end of the month, I might be able to make it as the wedding gift for my sister. It looks more suitable than the previous FO I madeimg_0479

I got the floss from Amazon here. It is a bargain really.

And the even weave. EVENWEAVE! Never used that before in my life… another first for me. I got it also from charity shop hopping. Actually, I was going to use Aida my mum bought me from Indonesia not so long time ago. But I think the quality of the fabric is extremely poor, and it almost unworkable, especially with my noob skill.

I was thinking of making it as something else, but… Oh well. I will talk about that fabric later.


This project should be done in red, but since my sister loves purple, I modify the colour a little, and it does look alright.

Doesn’t it?

x ❤ x

Yay! I Have A Finished…


Whatever. I am still learning those abbreviations. Why do we crafters need to make them? I am not sure. Some abbreviations are cute like SABLE or WIP, or even UFO. But anyway…

Finally. I finished my dress.


The sleeves were the most fiddly ones. I am not too keen on it.

I thought I would be happy with the no sewing part of this project, but when it finished I felt something missing. I was looking at my sad sewing needles and they looked back at me and asked me why they were unwanted. It broke my heart. So I used them to seam the extra yarn in (where I made the cast on and colour change).


Following some wise advices, I blocked it flat. I think I was blocking it flat. Unless I misunderstood what “blocking it flat” means. The yarn was so elastic it is difficult to get it right though 😦

But here you go. After blocking. Apologise for horrible photo. I don’t have a better photographer than my husband, and a better model than myself. I offered my husband to change role with me as I am a better photographer and he is a better model, but he refused. Maybe it’s because of the colour of the dress.


But hey…

I have a finish!!

x ❤ x